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Will the MasterCard EMV liability shift For Maestro PIN debit at the ATM have any impact on adoption plans?

Some banks will answer absolutely, as they have a very large fleet of ATMs and many of them in very high touristy areas where the liability shift could significantly impact them, because of the higher probability of fraud that could occur if these devices are able to accept an EMV-enabled card. In addition, they want to be viewed as a progressive bank. Yet others are probably thinking the opposite and therefore don’t think that the shift is a big enough carrot to make a move.


If you’re one of the banks that don’t think this is a big enough reason to go to EMV, that’s understandable.  But have you thought about enabling your ATMs as a stepping stone to getting a better understanding of EMV/chip technology?  This is a perfect opportunity to learn your way slowly through EMV, or getting ahead of the curve by enabling the ATM now and then following up with issuing cards/mobile with EMV down the road.  Since fraud moves to the weakest link, you can ensure your bank will be protected.


The reality is chip technology/EMV impacts the U.S. because it is the standard that the surrounding world has adopted.  In addition, the U.S. is the only G20 country that has not adopted EMV. For these reasons, the U.S. will need to get on the EMV bandwagon sooner rather than later. 


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