Case Study

Leading Online Retailer Combats Excessive Chargebacks

Delivering Double-Digit Revenue Growth

A young, energetic company with a loyal following and high demand, this leading online streetwear retailer was set to post double-digit growth for the 12th year in a row. Unfortunately, all that growth was leading to increased fraud and high chargeback rates of 2-3%, a factor that threatened to diminish its brand and aggressive growth. By enlisting ACI Fraud Management for Merchants to combat fraud, the company decreased chargebacks and increased revenue, all while supporting its global acquisition-based growth strategy.

ACI Fraud Management for Merchants Helps Lower Chargeback Rate

The experts at ACI provided a merchant specific recommendation based around ACI Fraud Management for Merchants, a managed multi-dimensional fraud prevention solution featuring proprietary neural technology.

This retailer’s chargebacks were reduced to 0.11%, customer confidence remained high and operational costs were significantly reduced.

Change Brings Positive Customer Karma Company’s Way

The implementation of the solution has resulted in fewer transactions requiring manual review, significantly reducing operational costs. Before ACI, every customer service representative was involved in approving orders and dealing with chargebacks. Now that is down to one, the company can focus on their core business and making profits, freeing up time to focus on human touch and connecting with customers.