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Prepare Your Payments for Real-Time

The old divides of transaction versus retail banking are blurred by the advent of real-time payments. You now have competing investment priorities to solve for a rapidly changing wire-transfer market, and meet the new real-time standards and schemes.

You need to develop new strategies to enable real-time payments, while protecting your strong wire-transfers business from cannibalization. The freedom to rapidly make a strategic or tactical move, and realize the new market opportunities, is essential to your future success.

Discover how to balance your competing priorities, and make the most of the cloud, with UP Real-Time Payments solution.

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Leverage Universal Connectivity

Leverage Universal Connectivity

The power of the UP Real-time Payments solution lies within its ability to deliver Universal Connectivity, for a real-time world.

  • For Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Cross-Border International and Real-Time Payments
  • Expand your digital services to both consumers and corporates locally and internationally with minimal effort
  • Manage all your payments in one comprehensive and integrated solution, gaining an enterprise wide viewpoint for your payments business
  • Balance your transaction capacity needs across one financial model, providing flexibility for rapid and unpredictable volume growth
Real-time Payments by KPMG

UP Real-Time Payments Drives Visibility with Greater Control

Deliver a Better Experience

Deliver a Better Experience for International Payment Services

I send high volumes of payments to international beneficiaries, manage payment corridors and have many third-party correspondent banking relationships.

I want my customer to have more visibility and certainty on their payments. More control over how I settle my international payments by taking advantage of real-time, to lower my costs and increase competitiveness against new players.

The UP Real-Time Payments Solution allows my business to:

  • Easily and more cost effectively connect to local real-time schemes, as a lower cost alternative to RTGS,
  • Reduce my reliance on third party relationships with more control over my payment services,
  • Improve my customer experience by providing real-time visibility, greater control over their liquidity and cash management and better level of service.

Executive Guide to Immediate/Real-Time Payments

New Payments Ecosystem

Provide a Real-Time Platform Across All Low and High Value Payments

I provide services in multiple countries and manage multiple payment clearing and settlement mechanisms. The silos of retail and wholesale banking are blurring with the advent of real-time payments, but my home-grown systems are not real-time enabled.

I want to transform my business, with minimum risk and complexity, to a real-time platform adapted to new demands.

The UP Real-Time Payments Solution allows my business to:

  • Isolate my back office operations from disruption as I transform the business,
  • Benefit from a single view of all my payments for greater visibility and transparency,
  • Deliver on real-time processing and interfacing with other batch processes,
  • Simplify access to new standards and formats from within my real-time platform – managing my future operational expenditure.

Three Challenges for Transaction Banking in the New Payments Ecosystem

Greater Flexibility

Streamline IT Operations and Deliver New Real-Time Services

I want to reduce our own IT hardware footprint, and be able to take advantage of new business volumes and growth quickly.

I need to differentiate on customer experience and launch new digital services to my customers fast.

I need to balance innovation against my resources required to run my business. I have opted for cloud to deliver innovation fast.

The UP Real-Time Payments Solution allows my business to:

  • Reduce the cost of introducing new digital services by benefiting from cloud based shared infrastructure
  • Launch new digital services faster and without additional burden on my IT department
  • Benefit from guaranteed service levels and industry best practices
  • Keep up with changing standards and regulatory requirements including shift to real-time and ISO20022

Three Ways to Build Your Business Case for Real-Time Payments

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The Transaction Banking Business Case for Instant Payments

Until now, instant payments have been primarily the concern of retail banks looking to meet consumer expectations. But real-time payments now hold real opportunity for corporate banking.

Read the report, Instant Payments – The Journey So Far, to discover how transaction banks can leverage instant payments.

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