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Achieve Real-Time Payments Modernization

Exceed customer expectations with a universal, API-enabled payments hub that supports global payment processing and the orchestration of card and non-card payments in real-time. 

Quickly connect with all global real-time payments schemes, be they new, instant or immediate payments, high-value real-time gross settlement, low-value automated clearing house, cross-border or modern digital payments with request to pay capabilities. 

Leverage your existing payments environment and efficiently process payments across your entire business, while quickly creating differentiated products and services.

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UP eCommerce Modernization

Modernize Payments in Record Time

With many pending changes in the North American payments landscape, BMO modernized its payment systems to meet the evolving demands of customers and create a platform for future innovation.

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BMO modernizing payments record time

Quickly Connect to Any Real-Time or Immediate Payments Scheme

ACI enables immediate payments for customers in 23 countries and delivers speed-to-market with scheme-compliant interfaces configured to local requirements.

  • Rapidly launch: Enable new gateways cost-effectively, such as FedNow and P27, as well as real-time schemes in Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Thailand, Canada and more 
  • Seamlessly integrate: Leverage multi-bank, multi-currency and 24x7 payment processing capabilities, in addition to multiple high-value payment clearing and settlement mechanisms, including RTGS, ACH/SEPA and deferred net settlement systems 
  • Swiftly comply: Meet requirements including Fedwire Payment Notification, the SEPA EPC Rulebook and EBA STEP2, as well as SWIFT standards for MT and MX/ISO20022
  • Quickly enhance: Benefit from embedded business services including stand-in authorization, transaction enrichment, addressing service, mandates (Direct Debit) management, Request for Pay (RfP) repository, liquidity management, batch processing, transaction inquiry, settlement and reconciliation, fraud and risk management and exceptions and case management 
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Protect Your Existing Systems and Business Flows

Progress toward full real-time operations while supporting your existing systems and processes. 

  • Leverage end to end ISO20022 capabilities including integration into non-ISO systems and canonical orchestration of messages
  • Take full advantage of SWIFT gpi and Universal Confirmations for cross-border, real-time payments with complete SWIFT messaging capabilities
  • Capitalize on open payments with pre-packaged APIs compliant with PSD2, U.K. Open Banking, Monetary Authority of Singapore API Framework and Australia’s Customer Data Right  
  • Deliver new services including account information, payments initiation, customer authentication, access controls and limits, and eCredential management
  • Ensure sensitive data management and compliance with customer controls via the third-party provider dashboard and management console

Unlock the Value of Real-Time Payments with Digital Overlay Services

Accelerate innovation and reduce risk by launching new services with market-proven APIs for digital payment overlay services.

  • Create digital payment overlay services across your business, including Request to Pay (RtP or RfP), liquidity management, ERP integration, invoice and accounts payable management, P2P payments, account-to-account payments, PoS, ePoS and more 
  • Improve fraud prevention for real-time payments with digital overlay services that combat authorized push payment and new account fraud
  • Enable end-to-end payments transparency for corporate customers by integrating to internet banking, mobile banking, mobile wallets, eCommerce portals, mCommerce apps, bill pay apps, social media apps and corporate banking channels, including Universal Online Banker
Digital Overlay Services
ACI Cloud Powered Capabilities

Flexible Deployment Options

With on-premise, public cloud, hybrid deployment and SaaS offerings, ACI can meet specific needs of your business.

UP Real-Time Payments is available “as a service” in ACI’s own data centers for customers in the U.K., U.S. and Europe, offering lower operational costs via economies of scale and a shared access approach. This managed service offering is also available via the public cloud to support global needs in many regions outside the U.S. and Europe. 

Immediate and Digital Payments

A complete solution for the end-to-end processing and orchestration of immediate and digital payment transactions.  

  • Enable simple integration into any banking system and a single customer view through the use of APIs
  • Connect to domestic schemes through pre-packaged software
  • Maintain ongoing compliance
  • Incorporate new, alternative payment types with the same platform
  • Reduce risk and maintenance costs compared to in-house builds, legacy payment services hubs or core bank connection add-ons 
  • Deliver real-time balance capabilities and real-time fraud prevention through ACI solutions and MindGate Solution’s digital overlay capabilities

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Real-Time Payments for the U.S.

Digital Payment Overlay Services

Real-time payments: Value realization is here

High-Value & Cross Border Payments

Enable least-cost, SLA-drive transaction routing across all high- and low-value payments, as well as new immediate payments. 

  • High-value Payments as a Service in a secure, hosted environment
  • Multi-bank, multi-currency and 24x7 payment processing capabilities
  • Multiple clearing and settlement mechanisms, as well as SWIFT messaging
  • Fast, cross-border funds transfer with SWIFT gpi and Visa B2B Connect
  • ISO 20022 payments engine with simple path to a full real-time payments hub. Read how to migrate to ISO 20022
  • Compliance with Dodd-Frank, BAI (X9), Fedwire Payment Notification, SEPA EPC Rulebook and EBA STEP2, as well as SWIFT standards for MT and MX/ISO 20022

SWIFT gpi Compatible Application

Fraud Management

Bring real-time fraud prevention and anti-money laundering (AML) capabilities to your payments hub. 

  • Improve operational efficiency of fraud management with real-time decisioning through machine learning
  • Launch new, risk-based fraud prevention models in just days to achieve rapid ROI with ACI Model Generator

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Real-Time Fraud Prevention and Detection

Consumer Payments Hub

Real-time-ready capabilities for all consumer payments, including card issuing, merchant acquiring, card and merchant management, alternative payment processing and immediate payments.  

  • Enterprise payments solution for acquiring and authorizing transactions across all digital payment channels 
  • End-to-end management of payment instruments, banking channels and transaction processing 
  • Proven, resilient and scalable front-end authorization switch 
  • Comprehensive and flexible ATM and self-service banking processing capabilities 

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Retail Payments Solution

ACI Named a Leader in Integrated Payment Platforms by IDC

Readying for Immediate Payments and Open Banking Era

Immediate Payments for National Infrastructures

Proven core infrastructures for national real-time and digital payment networks, as well as bank and fintech connectivity to the network itself.

  • Deliver new real-time payment systems with digital overlay services, including Request for Payment, recurring payments, etc.
  • Accelerate onboarding and adoption with API-enabled connectivity for participants
  • Launch value-added services on real-time rails from day one, including mobile payments, social media payments, eCommerce integrations and bill pay
  • Leverage immediate payments alongside UP Retail Payments to deliver national infrastructure for all digital payment types

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Payments Network Malaysia Chooses ACI Worldwide for Country's Real-Time Retail Payments Platform