Industry Associations

ACI Worldwide and STET

ACI and STET Collaborate to Drive European Immediate Payments Adoption

This collaboration leverages proven banking infrastructure, technology, and expertise to enable full reachability to pan-European real-time Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms (CSMs). ACI and STET enable full reachability to customers throughout Europe, with a streamlined approach.

See how an end-to-end instant payments solution featuring accelerated go-to-market timing lowers the cost of infrastructure investment.

Align with ACI and the Largest Clearing System in Europe

ACI Worldwide is helping define and drive real-time payments schemes around the world. ACI’s immediate payments solution makes up a part of the U.K Faster Payments infrastructure, supports over half of the U.K. direct members and handles seventy five percent of its real-time transactions.

Rest easy. Europe’s leading payments processor is collaborating with the leading Immediate Payments gateway and hub. Go to market faster with an existing payments switch and pre-integrated gateway solution for cloud and on premise deployment options.

  • 20 billion transactions annually handled by Stet
  • 100% of French and Belgian banks served by Stet
  • 25 billion Euros per day handled by Stet