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Fraud Prevention for Financial Institutions

A single fraud incident can cost you countless customers, the money spent acquiring them and the ongoing revenue they would provide.

ACI helps you avoid these costs by preventing and detecting fraud for financial institutions and merchants, including retail, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, gaming and more.

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Tremendous visibility. Rapid reaction. A fraudster’s nightmare scenario.

As part of our comprehensive suite of payment solutions, ACI has built UP Payments Risk Management to deliver peace of mind in the face of continuously evolving fraud threats. Take advantage of:

  • A single solution that eliminates multiple silos
  • Visibility across all channels, minimizing risk and saving money
  • A team of risk experts with a unique line of sight on fraud threats — locally, regionally and globally
  • Real-time decision capability, stopping fraud before the money goes out the door
  • Unique ability to identify and defend against new threats through solutions for both financial and merchant markets
Push the implementation acclerator

Time is money, and in risk management one of the most important questions is, “How long will it take?” Our low-risk, well-established implementation process can get you started in as little as 90 days.

Real results

More than 160 customers worldwide trust UP Payments Risk Management for next-generation fraud prevention and detection.

ACI's Unique Cross-Section View of Fraud

Actionable Intelligence is gained through the layered analytic approach provided by ACI's UP Payments Risk Management solution.

Engage advanced technology including big data analysis, machine learning, behavior profiling, predictive analytics, and consortium-based modeling, in combination with your existing rules-based system for a stronger fraud detection and prevention program. 

The corresponding diagram demonstrates how the various analytics layers work together to create Actionable Intelligence.

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Fraud Analytics: Protect Your Data, Improve Your Bottom Line

Fraud attacks are no longer simple and predictable. Advanced technology is essential to stay ahead of the attacks.

Engaging a multifaceted approach to include predictive analytics, behavior profiling, consortium-based models and machine learning in combination with your existing rules-based system will not only block new fraud schemes, but it will reduce the trend of losses that you are presently experiencing.

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Immediate Need for Fraud Prevention

The need for speed has a double edge, and in the payments world, this double edge is more choice for businesses and consumers against potential opportunities for fraudsters to tap into new payment models.

As the world moves toward immediate payment ecosystems, a holistic view of the transaction, with layered controls from origination to the application of real-time rules, is the only way to push the pedal to the metal on faster payments and put the brakes on fraud. 

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Driving UP Conversion with Effective Fraud Management

Preventing fraud and driving high conversion rates are universally important objectives for merchants, regardless of sector, size or location. But many merchants still struggle to find the balance between the two – creating conflicting strategies which can cause losses on both fronts.

In a new insight paper, "Driving UP Conversion Rates with Effective Fraud Management" fraud experts from ACI draw on their experience to outline how merchants can configure fraud prevention systems to actively support conversion rates at the checkout, while still protecting their businesses from the risk of fraud.

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