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Defining Immediate Payments

Instant funds and confirmation
An immediate payment is an account to account transfer that provides 24x7x365 instant funds availability and confirmation. Payment’ certainty is based on a “good funds model”.

Driven by customers and regulators
The initial push came from regulators. But now, banks are driving this change, too, as they realize the benefits of overlaying innovative services onto an immediate payments infrastructure.

A global phenomenon
The number of real-time schemes is on the rise.. The Clearing House (TCH) Real-Time Payments in the US and SEPA Instant Payments in the EU are among those scheduled to go live in 2017. The UK recently took the lead in opening theirs to everyone with its New Access Model.

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An Executive’s Guide to Immediate Payments

Financial institutions as well as other payment service providers (PSPs) are recognizing the opportunities that immediate payments present. But many Executives are still unclear on what an immediate payment isn’t relative to other processing types, and how to successfully guide their organization into the real-time movement. ACI and Accenture answer these questions and more in an Executive Guide.

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The Changing Real-Time Payments Landscape

Acceleration is a universal trend. Fueling this need for speed is an increasing digital, global and open payments landscape.

  • Consumers want fast, free services 24x7x365
  • Businesses expect to move money fast and maintain data at the same time
  • Regulators are pushing for real-time adoption, too
  • The payments industry is having to react faster than ever before
  • An immediate payments infrastructure solves for these demands
  • For more perspective, watch the video “Global payments market, agility and stability in a fast-changing world”