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Defining immediate payments

With the shift to real-time payments, it is imperative that all parties understand who is impacted, and how it works. Real-time commerce and immediate payments have huge significance for banks and payment providers. Read Executive Guide

Changing payment expectations

Technology has changed expectations in payments. Forty-five percent of UK current account holders say the offer of faster electronic payments would encourage them to switch their bank account provider (2015 YouGov survey).

Market landscape today

A growing number of countries and regions are actively planning to enable real-time payments in the coming years.  The UK has opened the market to include more providers with Aggregator Services.

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Immediate Payments realized

  • Regulation and economic growth have been the main drivers for the adoption of immediate payment infrastructures.
  • Payment providers are increasingly recognizing the opportunity to offer overlay services on this infrastructure. 
  • Fintechs are offering creative new services alongside established players.
  • Financial institutions and payment service providers in countries still designing immediate payments can start to get ready now.
  • Prior experience shows that organizations s that grasp the opportunity fully can take back control of the customer relationship and become the trusted source of a range of banking and payment services. 

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