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Proactive Risk Manager is a comprehensive crime management solution that uses predictive analytics and expertly defined rules to help card issuers, merchants, acquirers and financial institutions successfully identify and mitigate financial fraud and money-laundering schemes.

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Proactive Risk Manager accepts transactions from any retail or wholesale bank channel and easily interoperates with existing authorization and end-of-day batch processing systems. It defends against every type of fraud, including debit, credit, online banking, wire, ACH/BACS, as well as account takeover, credit abuse and money-laundering, enabling comprehensive end-to-end fraud management. 


Proactive Risk Manager’s scalable, high-processing transactional throughput delivers real-time machine learning decisions enabling you to quickly and accurately identify emerging fraud trends before they impact you and your customers.


Proactive Risk Manager tracks non-monetary and monetary transactions for a complete view of enterprise customer activity. It provides single and multi-institution capabilities to meet your needs today and tomorrow, as you grow or acquire.

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Concrete strategies for fighting fraud

TEB takes on the fraudsters in Turkey

Like banks around the world, the newly merged TEB faced a growing fraud threat.

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Proactive Risk Manager Modules

Proactive Risk Manager for Wire Transfer Fraud

Financial institutions using Money Transfer System to wire money domestically and internationally have the ability to selectively monitor wire activity using the solution’s real-time interface with Proactive Risk Manager. With Proactive Risk Manager, financial institutions can mitigate risk associated with wire transfers while balancing the need to meet customer expectations and service-level time frames.

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Proactive Risk Manager for Merchant Fraud Detection

Proactive Risk Manager for Merchant Fraud Detection identifies subtle patterns of fraudulent behavior by comparing deposit/authorization activity against the merchant’s historical activity in these areas. The system also detects suspicious cardholder transactions. If a pattern is found, the transaction is flagged for review, allowing the merchant to take prompt and appropriate action. Proactive Risk Manager’s ability to recognize fraudulent activity and learn from experience provides a proactive method of reducing losses incurred from merchant fraud.

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Proactive Risk Manager for Enterprise Risk

Proactive Risk Manager for Enterprise Risk helps institutions fight identity theft and account takeover, two of the fastest-growing crimes. By monitoring account activity across all lines of business, Proactive Risk Manager enables users to see more fraudulent activity in a shorter amount of time, minimizing losses and helping to preserve the customer relationship.

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Proactive Risk Manager for Debit and Credit Card Fraud Detection

Proactive Risk Manager for Debit and Credit Card Fraud Detection compares the characteristics of each transaction with the recorded patterns of behavior for every cardholder. It assesses the risk of each transaction using a variety of parameters and accumulated statistics, which it maintains and recalculates in real time.

The models are based on each issuer’s card portfolio rather than industry data. This custom modeling technique enhances the system’s fraud-detection capabilities, which produces lower false positives and provides maximum protection of the “value at risk”. Users can periodically update custom models to adapt to emerging fraud patterns.

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Proactive Risk Manager for Anti Money Laundering

Proactive Risk Manager for Anti-Money Laundering is a comprehensive monitoring and detection solution that helps identify unusual activity and offers a fast track to compliance. Proactive Risk Manager offers the power of expertly defined rules and strategies for fast, accurate and flexible response to the evolving money laundering problem. For those institutions requiring advanced levels of analytics with a business-intelligent solution, a custom neural network can be added to provide an increased level of risk protection.

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