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Push In-Market Payments Modernization

Governments, regulators and competitive pressures are increasing the demand for digital payments. National infrastructure and payment network operators must modernize their solutions to meet the growth in card transactions and offer new real-time payments rails, with value-added digital overlay services.

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Push In Market Payments Modernization
Real Time Infrastructures

Launch New Real-Time Infrastructures

Whether mandated by governments or driven by citizen and business demands, real-time payments are needed to keep pace with global markets. ACI Low Value Real-Time Payments enables real-time and digital capabilities for existing card networks or as a stand-alone net-new real-time rail.

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Enable Cards and Alternative Payment Methods

Both acquiring and processing national infrastructures must keep pace with market demands for new services. ACI Acquiring and ACI Enterprise Payments Platform enable operators to maintain a competitive edge.

  • Support card-based transaction switching, expansion to non-card-based transactions including alternative payment methods and merchant acquiring
  • Leverage open service-oriented architecture and robust orchestration for easy integration with multiple systems, as well as support for card, non-card and alternative payments
  • Comply with all local card scheme mandates for acquirers
  • Support domestic payments flows and the exchange of payments abroad
  • Manage national networks for ATM and POS switching
  • Leverage ACI Simulation Services for Enterprise Testing (ASSET) for the testing and certification of participants and rapid onboarding

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Enable Cards and Alternative Payment Methods

State Bank of India Manages Nation's Largest ATM Network

The State Bank of India has over 75 million customers, 9,000 branches and 200,000 employees. When it was time to implement a state-of-the-art ATM system, it moved swiftly. ACI technology helped the State Bank of India reach its goals.

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Central Infrastructure for Real-Time Payments: Overcoming the Final Hurdle [Mastercard Q&A]

It might be prime time for real-time today, but the truly global success of real-time payments requires the creation of domestic and regional systems that serve every market.

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Building the Foundation of a Real-Time World: The Task for Central Infrastructures

In this on-demand webinar, our exclusive panel of payment experts explores how central infrastructures can modernize to support today’s payments innovation.

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How Central Infrastructures Provide a Foundation for Real-Time Growth

The role of central infrastructure (CI) overseers is expanding from safety-first custodians of closed-door connections between privileged clearing banks, toward becoming the creators of open and accessible financial frameworks — a new digital CI for the common good.

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