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A Smorgasbord of Payment Options

ACI partners with the world’s top Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) to help them gain the operational efficiency and agility needed for innovation and growth. You can rely on ACI's UP Merchant Payments Solution to streamline your payments system, expand payment channels, strengthen your customer loyalty, and help you increase revenue.

UP Merchant Payments


We understand your cravings

Time is money: Quick service restaurants know that better than anyone. A faster drive-through experience can translate into real revenue-seconds could mean millions.

Downtime is not an option: Your business cannot afford to slow down, let alone be down. One second of payments downtime costs real money.

Speed enables innovation: Breakthrough ideas around expanded omni-channel payment options, restaurant reward redemption, and geo-targeting succeed only with the ability to implement quickly.

Customers demand convenience: Customers expect a safe, cashless, cardless way to pay and will migrate to the QSRs and food service merchants that offer this convenience.

If you’re not first, you’re last: A flexible system lets you seize opportunity before the competition.


Domino's Generates around Half of Its $4.1 Billion in U.S. Sales from Digital Channels, Utilizing the UP Merchant Payments Solution

Payments Insight for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) / Dining

The 2017 Global Payments Insight research report looks at key aspects of global merchant’s existing payment infrastructures, their forecasts for spending, areas for investment and their perceptions on where payments fit within their business.

View QSR Infographic Access the Research Report

All You Want in a Single Solution

  1. Omni-channel: the name of the game   

    ACI gives you the widest possible range of payment options, regardless of what purchase channel your customer uses. “ACI continues to get payments right,” says a retailer who has been with ACI for nearly 20 years.
  2. Business intelligence and reporting

    Have a unified view of all your customers’ individual transactions across all channels.  With dining and purchase preferences, you can tailor gift card and loyalty programs and detect any fraudulent activity.
  3. Freedom of choice

    With ACI’s hosting solution, you choose and control the partners you work with. You have complete flexibility to choose different POS vendors, PIN Entry Devices (PEDs), and card processors.
  4. Secure, secure, secure

    Food and beverage ranks 2nd on the list of industries that are most frequently compromised by data security breaches and 24% of all security breaches occur in retail and restaurant environments.  ACI’s payment security keeps customer data secure, transactions safe, and your environment risk averse.
  5. All about uptime, speed and scale

    ACI’s single hosted environment safely scales and increases ordering volume across various channels. ACI’s data centers have never lost transaction speed or volume even during peak event hours.
  6. Gift cards and loyalty programs

    Many QSRs gain customers through gift cards and loyalty programs. When a global restaurant tested a card-specific reward redemption opportunity, ACI developed a seamlessly interface for POS terminals.

Additional Information

Bill Pay via API


We are a strong, dependable partner you can rely on to streamline your payments system, strengthen customer relationships, increase revenue, and achieve operational and cost efficiencies.

We can help you:

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of PCI compliance. Our hosted solution running 24/7 releases IT staff and budget for reallocation to other strategic initiatives.
  • Navigate the EMV transition and ensure that your brand—and your customers---are safe and secure from fraudsters
  • Deliver the tools your franchisees need to optimize uptime.
  • Grow revenue and innovate with mobile solutions

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Remittance Services


Choose your best payment solution

An ACI representative can review with you the merchant payment processing options best tailored to give you an edge with a consistent, reliable and simplified dining customer experience across all sales channels.

Options will include ACI’s mobile payments with its super-fast turnaround times to keep the line moving, and reliable security.

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