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Advanced online merchant fraud protection and continuous monitoring with ACI ReD Shield –not just real time, but anytime!

ReD Shield is a real-time fraud prevention solution tailored to the needs of eCommerce merchants and payment service providers (PSPs). The solution is designed to enable business to protect revenues, support growth and enhance customer experience. Delivered as a managed service through an expert team of experienced risk analysts, ReD Shield provides instant decisions (accept/challenge/deny) on eCommerce and mCommerce transactions.

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ACI ReD Shield incorporates:

Proprietary pattern detection engines: For protection against sophisticated brute force attacks

Advanced artificially intelligent neural networks: To analyze non-linear relationships between consumer spending patterns

Largest shared negative and positive database: Including shared merchant data, lost or stolen credit card databases, shared information from chat rooms, blogs and forums

Real-time location analysis: Including advanced IP geo-location, proxy piercing and device ID

Post real-time batch analysis: To identify fraud trends that emerge over time

Link analysis (spider searching): Visual display and drilldown capability to identify anomalies

Autopilot: To temporarily or permanently block transaction elements automatically

Auto analyst: Enabling customers to configure rules for automated resolution of alerts, to manage staffing and alert levels, and false positives

Time on file: Providing an indication of the familiarity of an individual related to a transaction

Case Studies

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  • Crew logo
  • Finish line logo
  • Retailer Success

Flying Ahead of Online Fraud with ReD Shield

Aegean Airlines, the largest carrier in Greece and a Star Alliance member, connects Greece with 87 international destinations in 32 countries, as well as flying to 33 domestic airports.

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Crew Clothing Dramatically Reduces Fraud Deny Rates with ACI ReD Shield

Crew clothing, a luxury casual clothing brand, has grown significantly and now operates 78 UK stores and a thriving online operation, as well as successful mCommerce and call center sales channels in the U.K. and EU.

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Beating Fraud to the Finish Line

Finish Line, premium high street and online retailer of athletic shoes, apparel and accessories, enlisted the help of ACI and its ACI ReD Shield® real-time fraud prevention service to counter fraud attacks and reduce costly chargebacks.

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Streetwear Retailer Combats Excessive Chargebacks to Deliver Double-Digit Revenue Growth

A fast growing streetwear retailer was faced with up to 3% chargebacks on fraudulent or potentially fraudulent card payments, which could significantly harm their reputation with loyal and trendsetting customers.

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