Case Study

Reducing Risk and Supporting Customer Service at Crew Clothing

Ensuring Maximum Security and Compliance

Crew Clothing, a luxury casual clothing brand, has grown significantly and now operates 78 UK stores and a thriving online operation, as well as successful m-Commerce and call center sales channels in the UK and EU. 

“ACI’s experienced team were able to quickly address our needs, using their knowledge and expertise to deploy an effective fraud prevention solution in a very short timescale.”

Jeff Jefferson MD,
Crew Clothing

In light of this growth, Crew identified that their in-house fraud management system wasn’t providing the sophisticated level of fraud data, automation and rule flexibility which they required.

Crew became concerned about potential losses and the impact on customer service. ACI’s global retail and multi-channel experience led Crew to implement ACI Fraud Management which had an instant effect on both fraud and deny rates.

The company has dramatically reduced its chargeback rate to just 0.05% and their deny rate has been reduced to just 3%. ACI and Crew have also worked to strengthen the mobile channel and successfully launch a ‘Click and Collect’ service.

When In-House Fraud Management Doesn’t Stop Fraud

Before partnering with ACI Worldwide, Crew Clothing was reliant on an in-house fraud management system which provided them with limited fraud data, automation and rule flexibility. The company was experiencing high fraud rates and declines and a costly number of manual reviews. In November 2012, with the all-important holiday sales season nearly upon them, Crew Clothing became increasingly concerned about potential losses and the impact on customer service. They turned to ACI for support, seeking a fast and effective solution that could help them through the busy sales period and beyond.

ACI Fraud Management Arrives Just in Time for the Holidays

  1. ACI’s global retail and multi-channel experience, coupled with the flexibility of ACI’s market-leading ACI Fraud Management solution, positioned the company well to provide effective consultancy support to Crew Clothing. In a matter of weeks, an appropriately modelled rules engine was deployed, just in time for the start of the Christmas shopping period.
  2. The implementation of ACI Fraud Management had an instant effect on both fraud and deny rates; immediately helping to enable genuine sales and protect against fraudulent orders. Over the first few months, ACI’s team of expert analysts worked closely with the Crew Clothing fraud team to conduct regular reviews of their processes and transactions, ensuring the new fraud prevention solution was optimized and adapted in line with changing trends and buying behaviors.
  3. Development of a tailored set of detailed monthly reports, including items such as bespoke fraud heat maps, was critical to this process to ensure that Crew Clothing and ACI could thoroughly understand performance levels and areas for improvement.
  4. A customer ‘whitelist’ was developed by ACI utilizing Crew Clothing’s customer data to ensure genuine, loyal customers received a fast and smooth order experience and did not have any transactions unnecessarily declined.

Less Fraud, More Action

The strong collaborative relationship between ACI and Crew Clothing has meant that the merchant now has a clear and timely view of transactions and attempted fraud. By closely monitoring performance and trends, and adapting the fraud prevention solution accordingly, Crew Clothing now has a dramatically reduced chargeback rate of just 0.05%.

After only three months, the deny rate on transactions had been reduced down to 12% and, with further analysis and rules adaptation, this level has now been further reduced to just 3% — with no associated increase in fraud levels.

ACI’s service has also helped enable genuine sales in other ways. Crew Clothing has found that their mobile channel is becoming increasingly popular and ACI has worked with the company to ensure that fraud through this channel stays very low, despite the increase in transaction volumes.

Additionally, the real-time nature and flexibility of ACI Fraud Management has supported Crew Clothing in the successful launch of a ‘Click and Collect’ service, by enabling the creation of appropriately tailored rules and ensuring that these orders are prioritized in the fraud screening process.

ACI and Crew Clothing continue to build on their partnership, working on several developments which will further support Crew Clothing’s sales growth and customer service options as the company expands its offering over the coming years. With further plans to expand internationally, Crew has found that ACI provides a reliable and tailored service which will allow the company to confidently grow in this direction.