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From Disruption to Growth

Digital payments, open APIs and real-time account to account transactions are driving change across the payments landscape. As a result, merchants, financial institutions and all other customer segments present a growing list of fast-changing demands.

By aligning business models with today’s evolving online commerce and real-time trends, processors have the opportunity to securely grow their offerings and boost top-line revenue.  ACI partners with all types of processors from around the globe to help them adapt to the new payments ecosystem, improve efficiencies, create new revenue opportunities and shield against increasing fraud risk.

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Key Business Objectives

Provide Value to the eCommerce Chain

To win new merchant customers, you must adapt to the global, any-to-any payments environment. Influenced by the eCommerce boom, merchants seek capabilities for cross-border, omni-channel transactions across more payment methods, including alternative payments.  Your business has the opportunity to appeal to these broader needs with new, value-added offerings and a wider global reach.

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Protect Against Fraud

As new payment methods explode and more transactions are digitally initiated, financial crime increases. Banks, merchants and other customer markets are increasingly burdened by fraud risk and regulatory compliance. Processors must be vigilant in their efforts to deliver solutions that protect the entire enterprise and offer customers peace of mind.

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Innovate at the Speed of Market Change

From the real-time, immediate payments phenomenon to open API’s, technology continues to influence the business of payments processing.  You require the ability to rapidly onboard customers and create new payment offerings as quickly as the market evolves.

Simplify Retail Payments Processing

Processors are faced with extensive cost pressures as they balance regulations and strive to address today’s increasingly complex customer needs. To improve efficiency and scale for the future, processors should create a flexible environment to streamline systems and enable agility for the future.

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Our Presence


ACI Solutions Touch over 125 Billion Consumer Transactions per Year


Eleven of the Top Twenty Acquirers and Eight of the Top 10 Issuers Depend on ACI Solutions


ACI's Payment Intermediary Customers Use Our Software 300+ Billion Times Each Year to Process Their Part of the Transaction.
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Processing in the Modern Payments World

ACI’s payment processing and enterprise fraud solutions are built for today’s dynamic market.

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facts and figures

Payments Facts and Figures

ACI partners with processors, networks, FinTechs and PSPs around the world.

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