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Driving FinTech Innovation and Growth

FinTechs are driving the digital transformation of global financial services markets. As such, they have a unique opportunity to collaborate with traditional financial institutions in ways that can benefit both groups. Some of the biggest opportunities for collaboration include developing APIs, mobile applications and data analytics.

By offering a variety of payment solutions and expertise, ACI is able to help facilitate collaboration and fuel business growth for FinTechs and their partners and create a platform for innovation to support their current and future business needs.

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Our Presence


ACI's Non-Bank Customers Use Our Software 300+ Billion Times Each Year to Process Their Part of the Transaction.


Over 60% of the Current U.K. Faster Payments Service Direct Members Rely on ACI Solutions to Connect to the Scheme.


ACI Ranks 18Th on the Idc Financial Insights 2015 Global FinTech Rankings.

ACI Fuels Business Growth for FinTechs

Navigate the landscape

Effectively navigate the open API landscape: Regulatory change, such as PSD2 and open API’s in Europe, is leveling the payments playing field. Knowing where the opportunities lie and how to leverage the open landscape can be an enormous undertaking. As a solution provider to more than 1,000 of the largest financial institutions and intermediaries as well as thousands of leading merchants globally, ACI has the expertise to guide both large tech companies and start-ups through the world of payments with proven technology that can be configured to serve their unique business.

Simplify compliance

More easily meet new regulations: While regulation is driving a level playing field, it's also influencing more and more mandates for FinTechs to comply with. Forty years and trillions of transactions later, ACI has the expertise and the technology to take regulatory compliance off your conference room whiteboard, leaving more time to focus on products and customers.

Enable immediate payments

Benefit from the immediate payments phenomenon: The adoption rate for U.K. Faster Payments is growing in the double digits yearly and volumes are close to doubling every six months. ACI provides FinTechs, challenger banks and other intermediaries a solution for easy, fast access to the scheme.

Position for future success

Position your business for long-term success: The continuous innovation required to keep ahead of the competition can create new layers of system complexity. Using an aging, inherited infrastructure skyrockets operating costs and slows time to market. ACI’s technology reinvigorates large enterprise systems to align with your payments strategy and the evolving eCommerce market. Our SaaS offering helps both start-ups and enterprises onboard new concepts quickly with a predictable investment.

Protect against fraud

Defend against heightened fraud risk: With new payments technology comes new opportunities for financial crime. FinTechs must proactively protect their business and customers against today’s heightened fraud risk. ACI offers fraud prevention solutions with real-time intelligence and alerts.

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Capitalizing on Faster Payments

(Sources: YouGov Plc., 2015 consumer surveyYouGov Plc., 2015 SME survey  Accenture analysis on CB Insights data) 

66% 66% of Consumers Want to Make Immediate Payments to Friends and Family

95% 95% of Businesses Say Faster Payments Would be Useful

75% FinTech Investment Grew 75% in the Last Five Years