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UP Retail Payments for Postilion

The UP Retail Payments Solution for Postilion allows banks and processors already utilizing Postilion to easily participate in the new payments ecosystem. By leveraging ACI’s UP technology you can extend your system’s capabilities to incorporate credit card and alternative, non-card or emerging payment needs.

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Extended System Capability Allows You To

  • Expand your offering for alternative, non-card payment methods, such as account to account, or use non-card identifiers
  • Rapidly launch new services by utilizing configuration and scripting rather than hard coding
  • Issue credit cards to your consumers and offer new card programs
  • Utilize orchestration for payment transactions in a single payment hub for efficient processing at the bank

UP Retail Payments for Postilion incorporates your existing Postilion for Banks and Processors functionality while leveraging the functionality offered by UP Framework and UP BASE24-eps.

Extend Authorization Capabilities to Non-Card Transactions

Your customers get the same payment experience across the many ways they want to pay in today’s digital world. They can use their phone number to conduct their daily life and encounter seamless service whether at the ATM, in store or online.

You get to design and launch new services rapidly, to keep up with the pace of change and myriad ways to pay and secure your share of your consumer’s wallet.

These additional authorization services are made possible through the extended functionality of UP Retail Payments solution.

UP Retail Payments with Postilion

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The Power of UP Framework

UP Framework orchestrates all aspects of payment processing for any payment type, any channel, currency or network. It provides you the ability to easily add new products and services, coordinate financial transactions across multiple systems for data enrichment and begin your digital transformation.