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An Enterprise Payment Solution for Acquiring and Authorizing Transactions Across All Digital Payments Channels

UP Retail Payments bridges the features and functionalities of current systems with next-generation technologies to deliver a preeminent digital payments experience.

This complete and customizable end-to-end enterprise payments solution supports Open API strategies by leveraging ACI's extensive API library and provides a path for handling real-time payments.

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High Volume Payment Processing

Meet the Challenge of High-Volume Payment Processing

To meet customers' future needs, Argentina’s leading payments company Prisma, relies on world-class technology.

See how ACI is helping Prisma fulfill its vision for fast, secure, high-volume payment processing.

Munish Mittal, chief information officer of India's HDFC Bank, explains why his bank continues to partner with ACI to achieve its goals.

Take Advantage of the Evolving Payments Ecosystem with Industry-Proven Technology
  • Deliver robust payments orchestration, enabling ease of integration with multiple systems, for an enterprise view of customers, accounts and transactions, and simplified API management

  • Reduce the effective cost per transaction by moving to modern technology, including Linux/x86, on premise or in the cloud

  • Flexibility to operate this solution on a range of hardware options, including Linux/x86, IBM System z, IBM System p, HPE NonStop and Oracle Solaris servers
retail payments technology
Transform Your Legacy Consumer Payment Systems to a Next-Generation Technology Environment
  • Combine features and functionalities of current systems and next-generation technologies in a coexistence environment

  • Organizations can continue business as usual while adding new services and innovating in a protected environment

  • Meet authentication and regulatory requirements

  • Transform your legacy systems at your own pace
retail payments cloud
Cloud-Powered Capabilities
Run your technology at the pace of business by launching your retail payments solution in the cloud. Through this flexible deployment option, you get all the benefits the cloud offers, including:

  • Dynamic elasticity to meet peak volumes and save on costs

  • Accelerated innovation through continuous implementation and development

  • Enhanced collaboration between IT, DevOps, and third-party finTechs and partners

  • Proven performance that ensures high availability, scalability and security
up retail convergence
Realize Innovation Through the Convergence of Card, Open Banking and Real-Time Payments Capabilities
  • Supports your chosen Open API strategies and provides a path for handling real-time payments

  • Deepens the customer experience by providing choice, control and consistency across all payment channels

  • Drives additional revenue by delivering high-margin products and services

Serving the Entire Retail Payments Ecosystem

End-to-End Payments Management

End-to-end management of payment instruments, banking channels and transaction processing for both cards and new digital payment types.

  • Issue and manage cards and token-based digital payments
  • Enable consumer payment processing for online transactions
  • Converge cards and real-time payments to support digital innovation
  • Guarantee real-time reliability and availability for any payment type
  • Clear and settle with all major international payment card schemes
  • Manage ATMs and digital banking channels, including emerging open banking trends
  • Enable comprehensive real-time fraud detection
  • Lower total cost of ownership for current and future payment needs, card or non-card, and real-time transactions

Modernize Acquiring Payments Acceptance

Effortlessly keep up with the latest payment experiences, whether mCommerce, eCommerce or POS, and drive innovation to your merchants with integrated value-added services.

  • Enable global eCommerce through a cloud-based payments gateway
  • Expand and support omni-channel payments acceptance
  • Transform profitability with access to cloud
  • Prevent fraud in real-time without increasing payments friction
  • Optimize profitability across transactions with accurate data
  • Rapidly innovate and build your ecosystem

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Prepare for Real-Time Open Banking

Take consumer payment processing and acquiring beyond cards and deliver real-time payments experiences for customers while protecting against fraud.

  • Enable real-time payments and fraud prevention in advance of a network being ready, placing you a step ahead of the competition
  • Extend the value of your payment processing with real-time and open banking capabilities
  • Deploy real-time balance capabilities to better serve customers without disrupting legacy systems
  • Leverage our experience powering real-time schemes worldwide

Digital Banking at ATM

Comprehensive and flexible ATM and self-service banking processing capabilities in today's modern payments ecosystem to power innovation and growth.

  • Enable new revenue streams at your ATMs
  • Provide your customers an omni-banking digital experience
  • Optimize your customers' experience at your ATMs through configuration capabilities
  • Support for cash and other payment transactions at your ATMs
  • Leverage monitoring and fraud detection capabilities to optimize availability and minimize loss
  • Empowers freedom of choice in your ATM hardware and software selection

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