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Transforming Payment Environments

UP Retail Payments solution combines the features and functionalities of legacy and next-generation technologies in a coexistence environment. The solution supports financial institutions’ chosen Open API strategies through the Universal Payments Framework’s API manager capabilities. This holistic solution delivers clear business value and benefits for transforming your payments environment while protecting the investments made in existing systems. 

ACI has defined a practical path to the future called “Navigating the Five C’s.” It allows financial institutions and intermediaries to maintain business as usual while transforming to an enterprise payment solutions.

With a secure foundation, institutions can move to a real-time and open environment and compete successfully in the New Payments Ecosystem.

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The Hierarchy of Payments Needs
power of the up framework

The Power of UP Framework

The power of the UP Retail Payments solution lies within the UP Framework, built on an open service-oriented architecture to deliver robust orchestration enabling:

  • Easy integration with multiple systems for an enterprise view of customers, accounts and transactions
  • Rapid delivery of new payments types including any-to-any payments, mobile banking and payments, etc.
  • Extended support for cardless transactions, as well as card-based payments
  • Full optimization of regulatory mandates

Closing the Competitive Opportunity Gap

Current payment environments have served financial institutions well in the past. However, adding new channels, regulations and other customizations have resulted in layers of complexity within multiple business and channel silos. This environment creates a slower time to market, higher costs and an inconsistent experience for customers.

The UP Retail Payments solution enables the rapid development of products for financial institutions to successfully compete in the marketplace and provides the ability to drive consistency across all channels to enhance the customer experience.               

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ING – Banking at Web-Scale with ACI's UP Retail Payments Solution

Moving to Linux to offer speed and flexibility for a competitive advantage as well as a lower TCO.

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5 Key Strategies

Your Path to the Future

Transform your payments environment by Navigating the “Five Cs”: Your Path to the Future.

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evolution of payments

Evolution of Payments

Deliver any-to-any, real time payments in a secure omni-channel environment.

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Speed to market

Achieve Speed to Market

ACI Universal Payments offers Banred the flexibility to rapidly adapt to market changes.

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