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Living in a Real-Time World

The payments landscape is transforming, largely influenced by the ‘global acceleration trend’. The speed of technology, regulatory change, and new, alternative entrants are challenging payment norms and creating an open, more innovative environment. The possibilities for new innovation and business expansion will become even greater as Open APIs and PSD2 enable providers to leverage customer intelligence and key trends to better tailor their new, real-time services to the needs of the market.

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Speed Matters, the Market Says So.


65% Of Small to Medium Size Businesses Said They Would Switch Providers for Real-Time Payments

60% Of Small to Medium Size Businesses Said They Want to Learn More about Real-Time Opportunities

Transforming Customer Experience

With customer experience a top priority of every bank and PSP, immediate payments delivers a clear set of user benefits that, in many cases, fulfill needs still unmet by traditional payment models. Offering instantaneous payments can be a game-changer.

Consumers live in an instantaneous, mobile-driven world and they expect reliable transfers and instant, accurate account balances.

Merchants can increase profits by getting paid faster and eliminating interchange fees.

Businesses can take advantage of better payment terms and improve their working capital.

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A real-time payments strategy can position your unique organization ahead of future competitive threats. Find out how.