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The Immediate Payments Business Case for Banks

By adopting immediate payments, banks can regain revenue that they are currently losing to non-bank payment providers and offer innovative payment products that win new customers. Banks also have the opportunity to pursue internal enterprise payments renovation and retire outdated legacy systems. Such internal harmonization and efficiency can create benefits for customers that go beyond real-time payments, including enabling them to create products and services that consolidate a bank's role as the provider of choice for financial services.

Bring Value to Corporates

The Immediate Payments Business Case for Challengers

Payment service providers (PSPs) and FinTechs have shown they offer unique services that customers want. The real-time payments infrastructure is a starting point for these providers to improve existing offerings with clever payment features as they continue their legacy of disruption. The payments arena is catching up to customer expectations and PSPs are already capitalizing on immediate payments through services like cross-border transfers, currency exchange and remittance payments. New aggregator services such as those for the UK’s New Access Model can accelerate access to faster payments processing.

A simple path to real-time

Generate New Revenue Streams with Immediate Payments Offerings


P2P mobile apps that allow customers to send and receive immediate payments. Whether a provider develops its own P2P app or partners with a third party, the value proposition for customers is strong. ACI has a pre-packaged real-time solution that supports Zelle Network’s P2P payments.


P2B apps that allow last minute bill payments or to purchase goods at the point of sale or online would offer huge value to consumers who have to plan bill payments in advance, have trouble using cards for e-commerce transactions, or who rely on cash or cards at the point of sale.


Businesses that pay hourly wages to workers can use immediate payments to disburse wage payments at the end of a day or week, and Insurance companies can use immediate payments to quickly settle a claim with customers once it is confirmed.


Businesses can improve working capital by offering improved invoicing terms and just-in-time stock management. International businesses could enable same-day cross-border payments.

Act Now

ACI helps payment providers of all types and sizes -- big banks, small banks, FinTechs, processors, etc. – more quickly and efficiently prepare for real-time with a solution that’s already proven. UP Immediate Payments reduces implementation risk, speeds time to market and lays the foundation to rapidly address future demand for real-time commerce and digital banking. Learn More.