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Increase Satisfaction with Bill Pay Solutions

Billing and payment is your most frequent consumer touch point, driving up to 58% of consumer satisfaction. However, 85% of organizations are not offering the electronic bill payment services that consumers want. Jump ahead with a wide range of billing, payment and communication options powered by the UP Bill Payment solutions.

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Billing, Payment and Communication Services

Find the bill presentment and payment solutions that best serves you.

  1. Raise consumer satisfaction by 25%. ACI Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Services can help you do that by giving consumers the options they want—when, where and how they want them.
  2. Truly engage with consumers and reduce document delivery costs by 50%. ACI Customer Communications Management gives you a fully integrated platform for end-to-end consumer communication lifecycle management across any device.
  3. Save 18% on security and compliance costs. 3,800 clients securely process payments through ACI’s private cloud data centers. ACI addresses the burden of PCI, CFPB, HIPAA and numerous other compliance standards for these clients.
  4. Reduce charge-offs by 10%. The ACI Virtual Collection Agent™ emulates the intelligence and interactions of your best collection agents.
  5. Find a trusted, Tier 1 customer service team. Confidently outsource with ACI Call Center Services, which provides an U.S.-based expert team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  6. Give bank, credit union and fintech consumers the ability to pay anyone. That convenience comes with ACI Remittance Services — trusted by 2 of the top 4 banks to power online and mobile banking bill pay and bring electronic payment services to the next level.
  7. Increase the value of your client relationships. Use ACI’s partner program to offer ACI’s online bill presentment and payment system to your corporate, higher education and government clients.
  8. Raise customer adoption by up to 50%. Visit ACI’s Marketing Hub to find free resources and content to market your electronic billing and payment methods.

Find a Payments Solution for Your Industry

Consumer Finance: Meet Customers Where They Need You

UP Bill Payment solutions meets customers where they are, bringing higher satisfaction and loyalty. It also:

  • Saves you 18% on compliance and security costs
  • Is easily integrated into your systems
  • Saves you 30% on debit card payments

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Healthcare: Simplify Billing & Payment

Today, both payers and providers can use bill pay systems to streamline and simplify payments for everyone.

Payers can:

  • Slash document delivery costs by 50%
  • Raise member satisfaction by 25%
  • Simplify to reduce staff time spent on payments by 19%

Providers can:

  • Collect up to 27% more
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Use predictive analytics to find the best time to engage with patients

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Higher Education: Eliminate 100% Of Card Fees

Make it easier for students, parents and alumni to pay – period. ACI offers eCommerce services designed to make life easier on everyone. This includes:

  • Avoiding development and integration costs
  • Raising student satisfaction by 24% with easy payments at all locations, payment plans and payment types
  • A secure cloud that serves 300+ higher education institutions

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Insurance: Jump Ahead With Payment Options

Customers are clear on what they need, and the UP Bill Payment solutions provide them with what they expect, including:

  • Simple online and mobile billing and payments
  • Multi-party disbursements
  • Targeted offers to sell additional products

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Government: Convenient, Simple & Budget-Friendly

Your citizens want bill pay service convenience, and ACI has a comprehensive billing and payment solution for government entities.

Your citizens will be thrilled, and so will your budget. Why?

  • More than 2,400 local, state and federal government entities already trust ACI to provide online and mobile bill payment solutions
  • ACI works with more than 100 integrated partners to bring you a single, simple billing and payment solution
  • Citizens get a single place to view bills and pay all parts of your government

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Utilities: Cut Billing Costs By 50%

Make life easier on your customers, your staff and your budget. Plus, keep everyone’s private information locked down and secure. Move to an online billing and payment solution that will:

  • Raise customer satisfaction by 25%
  • Reduce interaction with staff and customer service calls by 10%
  • Use eBills to cut billing costs by 50%

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Our Pricing Methodology

- You only pay for what you use

- Prices vary by industry, percent of payments made with each payment method and average transaction size

- You choose who pays the fees - See what model works for your organization