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UP is at the core of ACI’s strategy to provide the broadest, most integrated suite of electronic payments solutions in the market. UP is:

  • Our vision of enabling real-time, any-to-any electronic payments for financial institutions, intermediaries, merchants and billers
  • Our unique underlying technology framework, the UP Framework, consisting of flexible, open payment services that that enable you to innovate quickly, reduce risk and gain choice, flexibility and control over your payment strategies
The UP Framework

As our underlying technology, the UP Framework orchestrates all aspects of payments processing for any payment type, any channel, any currency and any network. When enhanced with this unique foundation, our solutions:

  • Provide the ability to invoke and orchestrate reusable business services
  • Support ease of integration with other systems
  • Provide robustness and high availability in complex environments
  • Enable seamless integration of ACI products to create a consistent cross-solution experience
Learn more about how UP solutions can position you for success.