In-House Smart Chip Management System

A full suite of token management solutions offered in partnership with Visa, supporting cloud-based payments using Host Card Emulation (HCE), EMVCo tokenization and trusted services management (TSM).

A man holds his phone up to a automatic payment card reader in order to finish his transaction

Secure Element

Secure Element is considered to be one of the most secure solutions available in mobile payments. New players are introduced to the Secure Element pattern, such as the Root-TSM, manage the Secure Element, and the SP-TSM, manage the interaction between Root-TSM and Issuer, and may also provide Tokenization services. The approach centralizes around the replacement of the PAN with a surrogate “tokenized” PAN which is made resident on the phone’s Secure Element.

Provide enhanced security and improve risk management

Penetrate the market faster with established players (Apple Pay, card networks, etc.)

Simplify the customer experience with 1 tap when integrated with a fingerprint reader

A person uses a smartwatch to pay for a purchase using a tap to pay point of sale system.

A digitally rendered cloud floats between a row of servers.

Host Cloud Emulation

Host Card Emulation (HCE) is an alternative approach to mobile payment security where critical payment credentials are stored in a secure shared repository in “the cloud” rather than in a Secure Element inside the phone. Secure Element in the Cloud further expands the ACI Token Manager for Mobile platform to enable payment and other credentials such as transit, identity and loyalty to be issued and managed in a secure cloud server.

Eliminate mobile device dependency for storing credentials

Own the customer experience and enable future innovations

Reduce the cost and complexity of providing NFC mobile payments

Transact when the device is offline

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