SCA and Exemptions

Complete Compliance With Value-Added Capabilities

The PSD2 deadline for compliance with strong customer authentication (SCA) has passed, the time is now for all players in the payment value chain to enable secure yet frictionless payment experiences to remain compliant and address this challenge. A strong SCA exemptions strategy can achieve this

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Manage Risk and Liability
Provide fraud signals up-and-down-stream in the value chain to support exemption approvals

Enrich Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA)
Provide and consume the richest and most accurate fraud signals for your scoring models

Apply an Exemptions Strategy
Leverage SCA exemptions where appropriate to improve the customer experience and reduce lost revenues

SCA and Exemptions for Issuing Banks

Issuing banks are the last party in the payments value chain. Final approval of any requested SCA exemption, and the associated liability, demand excellent TRA and fraud scoring.

Achieve compliance with PSD2 SCA for CNP transactions, including instant payments

Leverage enterprise-wide fraud vector inputs to TRA and scoring

Integrate with your access control server to successfully apply exemptions

Client making a wireless payment on a card machine at a store
Client making a wireless payment on a card machine at a store

SCA and Exemptions for Acquirers

Achieve TRA compliance by the deadline to avoid the risk of loss of license, fines or designation as a non-compliant party, and having a halt placed on business. Migrate on your preferred timeline while meeting immediate compliance needs, all with a system that runs in parallel to your bank’s existing environment.

Achieve compliance with Article 18 for TRA

Support 3D Secure 2.X for merchants and PSP customers

Leverage behavioral biometrics and other vectors from digital channels for a combined possession and inherence approach

Provide value-added merchant services to manage exemptions as a competitive differentiator

Allow for more sophisticated rules, adaptive machine learning models and better investigation to reduce false-positive rates with authentication strategies and messages in a single solution

SCA and Exemptions for Merchants

While merchants no longer directly control authentication, continued control of your fraud rates and active negotiation of an SCA exemptions strategy with your acquirer is critical.

Continue fraud screening to keep control of fraud and secure exemptions

Determine the exemptions you want and actively engage with your acquirer

Monitor your acquirer’s adherence to TRA fraud metrics

Maintain the freedom to switch acquirers and re-route transactions

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SCA and Exemptions for PSPs

With payments complexity increasing, PSPs need to provide merchant customers with the services and technology to manage exemptions effectively, and access to multiple acquirers to explore and form new relationships.

Offer robust fraud screening capabilities to your merchants

Understand the exemption options open to your merchants and ensure you can support them

Enable merchants to switch acquirers, route transactions to acquirers with the best fraud levels and negotiate acquiring services

Support 3D Secure 2 with a fallback option to 3DS 1

Protection along the entire payments journey

End-to-End Protection

ACI Worldwide delivers payment and fraud management capabilities that allow banks and merchants to manage and protect the full lifecycle of payments.