ACI Smart Engage

Mobile Customer Engagement and Communication

Drive revenue from ads and other media with interactive shopping experiences and seamless mCommerce triggered by images, audio and geotags. All in-app purchases run through the ACI Omni-Commerce solution providing a unified view for payment analytics and decision-making all within your existing processes.

mobile alerts on the street

Create Unlimited Shopping Experiences

Reach customers where and when they are most likely to engage and turn interactions into sales with one-click in-app purchases. Push alerts and notifications to customer devices to increase app usage and enable more interactive selling opportunities for a seamless customer journey.

Leverage push notifications that are 7 to 28 times more effective than traditional methods*

Convert app interactions into selling opportunities with one-click purchasing

Adjust or quickly pivot interaction strategies based on real-time analytics via a single portal

Increase loyalty and app interaction to raise program engagement and LTVs

Drive Mobile Revenue From Ads and Media

Engage your mobile application users and help drive more mCommerce sales. With the ACI Smart Engage inter-connected commerce platform, you can build and deliver embedded experiences that take mobile shopping to a new dimension.

Engage by Place

Engage customers who are close to your business with offers and alerts that drive them in-store or with instant purchases

Engage by Sound

Trigger instant notifications via audio tags in your social, radio and tv ads, or locally from music in your venues

Engage by Image

Make print ads, posters, flyers or product images interactive with watermark technology that connects in just one scan

Reimagine Mobile Engagement

Transform your business and revenue potential with your own sales accelerator connected to all your marketing channels and media.

Car lot watch notification


Create geozones around car sales, real-estate or furniture stores for direct access to financing opportunities or demo scheduling

mobile hotel booking


Create super-fast digital receptions and use location alerts for instant discovery and booking of services

mobile ordering at table


Order direct from menu ads, flyers and billboards and use geozones with offers to entice customers


Turn any medium into an interactive shopping experience and use location targeting to push incentives

mobile ticket selection


Inform customers of new offers and sponsor options and connect to one-click purchases via push notifications and media triggers

Meet Today’s Customers When and Where They’re Ready to Buy

Optimize your mobile engagement strategy with key insights in this eBook from ACI Worldwide and Retail Dive.

Fast Track Sales Success

Make every dollar count with digital mobile eCommerce experiences that give you more opportunities to sell and greater return on customer-facing investments. ACI Smart Engage is quick and simple to implement and helps build better mobile shopping experiences for your customers.

  • Empower your existing app and features using a simple SDK integration
  • Customize and launch engagement through a simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Enable triggers in real time for immediate sales results
  • Retain loyal users with proactive outreach and high-frequency, value-rich interactions

Additional Capabilities

Take Your Customer Engagement Further

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