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Enterprise-Class Payments

BASE24-eps is an enterprise-class payments solution that acquires, authenticates, switches and authorizes financial transactions across multiple channels. It is the next generation of ACI’s world-class payments platform, drawing on more than 40 years’ experience in payments software.

It’s time for a new solution that can function as the core processing engine for all transaction types — both the traditional transactions that organizations manage today and the transactions of the future.

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power of the up framework

The Power of UP Framework

As organizations work to quickly and efficiently address rapidly changing market needs, such as real-time payment schemes and any-to-any payments, BASE24-eps minimizes disruption by bridging current payment systems with ACI’s UP Framework.

UP Framework orchestrates all aspects of payment processing for any payment type, any channel, currency or network. It provides the ability to easily add new products and services, coordinate financial transactions across multiple systems for data enrichment and rapidly identify fraud patterns.

BASE24-eps provides a full range of functionality to support payments ― from traditional card, ATM and bank branch transactions to all forms of mobile commerce and internet banking.

Munish Mittal, chief information officer of India's HDFC Bank, details how ACI’s BASE24-eps combines speed and security that is ideal for today’s modern, high-volume payments environment.

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BASE24-eps ― What's New?

With the latest version, BASE24-eps is now available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux/x86 that enables innovative payment solutions at a much lower operating cost.

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Standard POS Message Exchange

Designing and coding the message interface between a host and POS hardware device is never easy. ACI’s Standard POS Device Message Specifications Manual describes the ACI standard POS message exchanged between a host and third-generation POS devices or controllers, providing a straightforward reference to help speed the task.

Transform Payments

ACI has defined a practical path to the future called “Navigating the Five Cs.” It is designed to assist financial institutions and intermediaries in the essential phases needed to strategically move to an enterprise payments platform at a significantly faster pace and lower cost.

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