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Real-Time Fraud Detection and Prevention for a Real-Time Payments World

Successful fraud prevention is all about decision-making – accepting the good transactions and denying the fraudulent ones – with the best available information in real-time. A winning fraud prevention solution allows revenues to grow and costs to shrink, ideally giving you the ability to focus upon what you do best. This is where cloud-based fraud prevention services come in.

Protect Payments at Every Point in the Transaction Path

ACI’s UP Payments Risk Management solution offers a market-leading approach to real-time fraud detection and prevention using machine learning and advanced analytics designed to: 

  • Maximize revenue and growth 
  • Target and manage fraud loss 
  • Address compliance requirements
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Improve operational efficiencies 
  • Elevate customer experience and ensure trust

Our UP Payments Risk Management solution is supported by a global team of subject matter experts with deep industry knowledge across the broadest spectrum of card-present and card-not-present payments environments. This shared intelligence approach and global expertise across every payment method enables us to deliver the flexibility, reliability, scalability and performance demanded in today’s challenging, dynamic environments.

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Converging Intelligence, Payments and Fraud Management

ACI’s next generation real-time payments fraud protection includes:

  • State-of-the-art adaptive machine learning: Our unique architectural approach facilitates real-time reacting and adapting to new fraud signals, driving fast decision-making and responses to emerging fraud threats. The solution is designed to incorporate fraud and payment data through proprietary or third-party modelling and analytic capabilities.
  • Shared intelligence approach to leverage cross-industry knowledge and data: By leveraging cross-industry knowledge and data, ACI has a unique lens in the marketplace on fraud management. Fraud intelligence gathered through ACI’s extensive and global card-not-present and card-present fraud prevention network allow our global risk analysts and consultants to deliver standard and bespoke fraud strategies augmenting prospect/customer fraud teams. 
  • Unrivaled real-time payments fraud screening: ACI has more than twenty years of experience delivering fraud detection and prevention in the transaction path. Working with issuers, acquirers, merchants, processors, and card networks, we’ve designed real-time detection and prevention techniques for enterprise risk management that have been beating the fraudsters for decades.
  • Deep understanding of payment engines: ACI has been leading the way in electronic and digital payments for more than forty years, developing award-winning offerings for integrated payments and fraud processing for existing and emerging payments mechanisms such as immediate payments, faster.
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Fraud Management in the Cloud

The necessity for universal fraud management services in the cloud continues to increase. As banks, financial intermediaries and merchants seek to outsource payments, fraud, compliance and security-related tasks, they will continuously leverage the specialized skills and capabilities of expert partners in this dynamic field. 

Delivered in ACI’s payments-grade data centers, our fraud solutions feature new common technology components that support: 

  • Simple integration for faster implementation and return on investment
  • Scalable deployment options based on customer segment needs (or business needs)
  • Unrivaled real-time capacity, scalability, and transaction throughput based on business need and transaction volumes 
  • Fraud detection and prevention capabilities for all market segments