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Delight the omni-channel consumer

Providing seamless and secure payment options for the emerging number of shopping channels can be a daunting task for merchants. Consumers expect to browse, shop and purchase from their fingertips and now have the technology facilitating this type of immediate gratification. As a result, the complex landscape for multi-channel and omni-channel payments options has changed the game.

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Merchant Retail

The consumer is at the heart of this driving change. Today’s consumers want to buy anytime, anywhere. This demand has changed the way merchants design creative options for selling goods and services in a cost effective way which maximizes sales, delights the consumer, and minimizes risk.

ACI’s UP Merchant Payments offers merchants a secure omni-channel payment solution that provides flexibility to fit your strategic omni-channel needs along with the scalability to power sales today and in the future.

With omni-channel payment solutions from ACI, you can guarantee a seamless customer payment experience in any retailer modality (in-store, mobile, online, etc.) with both on premise and hosted SaaS options for delivery models. 

Our flexible architecture supports the rapid adoption of emerging payment channels. And with cross-border and multi-currency capabilities of our solutions, we offer consolidated payments processing for global retailers.

Our UP Merchant Payments solution is “vendor agnostic”, which allows you to partner and work with the payments vendors that best fit your business needs. In doing so, our solutions help give you leverage to keep your payments costs down and the continued flexibility of a payment solution that allows for growth as new technologies emerge (avoiding the need to invest in a system that needs to be “ripped and replaced”).

The omni-channel payment capabilities within our UP Merchant Payments solution are built on a foundation focused on risk management. They address PCI compliance, payment data security and fraud detection and prevention for any channel.

Select the products that work best for you.

  1. Postilion for Merchants: Postilion is an integrated payments processing and card management solution designed for the Windows operating systems.It captures and authorizes customer payments at the point of purchase, providing a fast, convenient and cost-effective method for processing a wide variety of electronic payments.
  2. eSocket.POS: An in-store solution that manages the interaction with the payment devices located at the retailer’s check-out terminals.  Controlling the customer payment experience at the point of purchase, eSocket.POS manages these devices on behalf of the POS application; thus reducing the PCI scope of the POS network.
  3. ACI Retail Commerce Server: Single, integrated platform that forms the basis of a customer-centric retailing strategy. Leverage the critical interaction of payments as the foundation for growing profitably by driving new revenue, keeping more spend in store and reducing losses due to fraud and abuse.
  4. ACI ReD Shield: ACI ReD Shield is designed to support the business success of customers – to protect revenues, support growth and enhance customers’ experience. Holding down false positives and reducing the need for manual reviews are key criteria against which we assess the value of our service.
  5. PAY.ON Gateway Solutions: ACI offers PAY.ON global payment gateway solutions to payment service providers (PSPs), independent sales organizations (ISOs), acquirers, independent software vendors (ISVs), and value-added resellers (VARs), enabling them to fully outsource payment transaction processing or integrate a gateway-to-gateway solution. Our gateway features connectivity to more than 300 alternative payment methods and card acquirers in more than 160 countries and PCI-compliant merchant onboarding.  


ACI collaborated with Payments Cards and Mobile to survey the retail industry and garner some insight into the level with which Omni-channel payments are pervasive among merchants. The survey also sought to understand what retailers want to see in terms of functionality from vendors, plus perspectives on security, fraud, payment ecosystem responsibilities, service delivery, and funding.

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