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ACI Values

At the heart of ACI is a simple, powerful concept — regardless of experience, role or location, we operate as one team, 1ACI. Our 1ACI team is driven by our six core ACI values, which underpin everything we do, describe the qualities we share, inform the way we work and connect us across the globe. It is through our dedicated 1ACI team and the values we embody that we will continue to expand the world of possibilities in payments.

aci our values
    1ACI discovers, creates and makes possibility happen every day. The quest to know more, imagine more and do more energizes us. We innovate to drive the ongoing evolution of payments, accelerating it, directing it and creating fresh possibilities for anyone, anywhere who makes a payment. We constantly ask, “What could happen next?” and focus our time, expertise and resources on finding the answer. When we generate big ideas and challenge our own way of thinking, we bring new opportunities within reach — for ACI and for our customers.
    1ACI collaborates to fuel success, exchange ideas and inspire. Collaboration doesn’t just bind our business together. It amplifies our power to achieve great things. By building partnerships — with fellow ACIers, teams and customers — we exchange knowledge, ideas and inspiration. We’re stronger when we work together. As a team, we have the power to create more value for everyone.
    1ACI thrives on change, adapting dynamically to new variable to become stronger. ACI is resilient, responsive and ready for change. We are flexible in the way we work and dynamic as we respond to the monumental changes in the payments industry. When new requirements, technologies or opportunities are introduced or identified, we move quickly and nimbly to efficiently leverage them to deliver greater results for our customers and ourselves.
    1ACI puts customers at the center of everything we do. Our customers are our center of gravity: we put them at the core of every action we take and decision we make. That all starts with understanding how they work, what they need and how we can meet their specific challenges. We then deliver the right solution and best possible experience, coaching and guiding them, creating new sources of value and helping them grow.
    1ACI is driven to succeed, navigating the disruptive payments landscape and delivering results for ACI, our customers and colleagues. In an ever-changing, ever-innovating industry, we think big, embrace competition, set ambitious goals and keep moving forward. Our success is fueled by our inner drive to be the best. Every action we take is aligned with our strategy and is designed to deliver results. We are accountable, responsive and driven by the highest standards for quality and performance. We never lose sight of long-term goals and strive to build long-term relationships, knowing they deliver lasting value.
    1ACI acts with empathy and treats everyone as equals. We are a global business, operating across borders and boundaries, working in different languages, currencies and cultures. But wherever we go, and whomever we’re dealing with — whether a colleague or a customer — we treat them as equals. That means understanding their perspective, being thoughtful and considerate in our interactions and delivering on our promises.