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Anytime. Anywhere. Any channel.

Today’s digital consumers are demanding more convenient and seamless ways to shop, interact and transact with merchants. As a result merchants continue to need to find new and better ways to engage their customers – and payments are central to this shopping experience.

But technology is complex, with many different standards, requiring many integrations. Merchants want to focus on building their core business, not struggle with the complexities of payments, while effectively preventing fraud and maintaining the high conversion rates that drive revenues.

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Simple. Global. Secure

ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution dramatically simplifies the integration of payments into any eCommerce website or application, including mobile apps

  1. Simple - The simplicity of the solution enables merchants to quickly and easily integrate payments into any application or site. ACI’s underlying open API architecture delivers the ultimate in simplicity, speed and flexibility for payments gateway integration giving your shoppers options – where they want to buy and how they want to buy – all in a frictionless experience.
  2. Global  - ACI’s extensive global network of more than 350 alternative payment methods and acquirers in over 160 countries, augmented by extensive payments expertise and country-specific fraud prevention measures, ensures merchants can quickly succeed anywhere in the world.
  3. Secure – Through world-class integrated fraud detection, prevention and transaction monitoring, merchants can achieve the highest acceptance levels and lowest chargeback rates in the industry. And, with PCI compliance burdens eliminated and data breach risks minimized, merchants are offered peace of mind.

Payments are integral to merchants' bottom lines and growth trajectories. Now a paradigm shift is underway within payments that enable merchants to offer a full shopping experience. Savvy merchants know that if their product or service is similar to what the competition offers, then the payment can be the differentiator.

This whitepaper, developed in cooperation with First Annapolis, describes five potential paths for merchants' growth, illustrates the payments challenges they will face, and describes the solutions for success. Payments are only one part of a sound business strategy, but one that continues to grow in importance and capability.

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The solution has been fully PCI DSS Level 1 certified since 2005 and is a member of the PCI Initiative. Clients using our online payment services are themselves automatically PCI DSS compliant. ACI’s active redundant data centers and data recovery site ensures that our clients have highly secure and resilient payment services with 99.99% availability.


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