Mobile Commerce SDK

Android NFC Payments Made Easy

Enhance the Mobile Checkout Experience With Android NFC Scan

Reduce cart abandonment rates with Android users by optimizing their buying experiences. Allow shoppers to complete their purchases by scanning their card details via the NFC reader.

All modern Android devices have NFC technology, and merchants can add NFC Tap for Android applications to their checkout page.

This innovative solution optimizes the customer buying experience, allowing shoppers to effectively complete their purchase transactions on the go, by scanning card details via the NFC reader.

Offer Faster, Easier, Smarter Payments

Through a simple checkout setting and a few lines of code, NFC Tap for Android can easily be added to smartphone apps via ACI’s Mobile SDK. Supporting NFC and camera scanning options, the Android SDK checkout UI provides a secure, fast and seamless payments experience. The scan reader autofills the card details, and the shopper simply adds the CVV number.

ACI’s Mobile SDK card scanning for Android is a fully native feature and can be integrated seamlessly into merchant applications.

Key merchant benefits:

  • Reduce cart abandonment and cut down checkout time
  • Reduce payments friction and improve overall customer experience
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Securely scan cardholder information
  • Fast integration, through a simple checkout setting

The Android NFC-Based mSDK Checkout Experience

Step 1

Paying with Android NFC scan reader – shopper clicks on the ‘Pay Now’ Button

Step 2

Tap and hold the credit card to the back of the phone to autofill the card details

Step 3

Add the CVV information and the payment is processed