ACI Pay by Link

Generate and Send Payment Links

ACI Pay by Link provides you with secure payment links so you can maximize all of your channels, providing a seamless customer experience

man using mobile phone payments

Get Paid Through More Channels

ACI Pay by Link is the modern way to reach your customers on the channels they use. Send a unique one-time link or QR code that sends them directly to your hosted payments form with one click.

SMS and Chat apps

Send payment links through your most popular conversation channels such as SMS or WhatsApp


Reduce cart abandonment with embedded payment links delivered to your customer’s inbox

Social Media

Include payment links in social media messaging or social feeds


Add one-click functionality to your digital storefront for an expedited checkout experience

Call center

Increase checkout security with payment links sent directly from agents instead of over-the-phone payments

Pay by Link QR Code

Allow customers to pay online with QR codes presented on websites, social media and more

Simple, Fast and Effective Payments

Merchants are seeing a rise in demand for contactless ways to pay. Reach more customers on the channels they are using with this simple link and QR code generating system. It is perfect for non-hosted payment platforms, during website or app development, or as an alternative way to communicate.


Suitable for any size business in any industry


Reduce time tracking down unpaid invoices and payment status


Convert interactions and conduct transaction risk checks


Generate real-time payment links and QR codes quickly and easily

Protection along the entire payments journey

End-to-End Protection

ACI Worldwide delivers payment and fraud management capabilities that allow merchants to manage and protect the full lifecycle of payments.