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Give your customers an in-store payments experience that mirrors the dynamic digital payments they enjoy while shopping online.

Easy, safe and convenient, ACI’s solution provides a high level of service and security to create unyielding confidence and promote loyalty and repeat visits from satisfied customers.

In addition to delivering the payment methods and checkout experience that customers love, ACI gives you the freedom to work with the acquirers and hardware vendors best suited to your business needs.

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In Store Merchant payment
In Store Merchant payments

Deliver the Payment Methods and Checkout Experience Customers Love

  • Support popular alternative and emerging payment methods such as PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay and future QR-based products
  • Accept non-scheme-branded cards such as gift cards, private label or loyalty cards with PEDs and pass them to external systems for processing
  • Enable the growing number of omni-channel interactions that begin online and are completed in-store

Work with the Acquirers and Hardware Vendors Best Suited to Your Business Needs

  • Choose the hardware best suited to your needs from a range of PED manufacturers and POS vendors
  • Support countertop and mobile POS, as well as self-checkout and endless aisle terminals
  • Integrate your POS and digital channels quickly and simply with our powerful and well documented APIs  

ACI's in-store merchant payment capabilities are available as a managed service within ACI’s private cloud.

This service model enables merchants to:

  • Enjoy the highest levels of security and resilience with data centers built specifically for payments and managed by a global team of payment experts
  • Achieve continuous availability through Active-Active deployments
  • Benefit from platform enhancements while your data remains private and segregated
  • Receive card-scheme mandates and security updates as part of the service
  • Select the acquirer to suit your needs via connectivity to a large and growing global network of acquirers
  • Rapidly onboard with pre-certified PED/acquirer options
  • Deploy the same solution across multiple countries with cross-border acquiring
  • Experience on-time settlement
  • Maintain reporting and reconciliation data for extended periods of time

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