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A Multi-Tenant Gateway for Global Omni-Channel Payments

The ACI PAY.ON Payments gateway, as a part of the UP eCommerce Payments solution, combines the most extensive global network with 350+ card acquirers and alternative payment methods, across more than 160 countries, with a feature-rich suite of payment processing, integral risk checks, mobile solutions, integration and onboarding, as well as advanced business intelligence tools. One single integration point combines our unified, RESTful open API architecture, responsive platform, bundled value-added services, and self-service developer portal to lower IT set-up costs. Our proven expertise enables you to easily implement comprehensive end-to-end solutions, fully white labeled, to meet payment provider and merchant business requirements.

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ACI PAY.ON Payments Gateway

Omni-Channel Services for Payments Everywhere

Providing seamless and secure payments options for the emerging number of shopping channels can be a daunting task for merchants. Consumers expect to browse, shop and purchase from their fingertips and now have the technology facilitating this type of immediate gratification. As a result, the complex landscape for omni-channel payments options has changed the game.

Our open payment technology powers omni-channel commerce in national and international markets. This seamless solution for your eCommerce, mCommerce and mobile in-store transactions enable payments of any type, based on an open payments architecture with one integration point only. With the omni-channel solution you can guarantee a seamless payment experience, using the same core engine for eCommerce and mCommerce guaranteeing the availability of every payment method, anytime, anywhere.

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International Expansion in the Blink of an Eye

International expansion presents huge opportunities for payment providers. It requires offering not just the right payment methods and acquiring options, but also the ability to configure them quickly and efficiently. This is what ACI delivers through its global network.

With ACI's global payments network of more than 350 alternative payment methods and card acquirers, payment providers have the technical connectivity to reach eCommerce markets in more than 160 countries. And because our entire payments network is available through a single RESTful open API, full global coverage is accessible immediately.

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