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ACI’s Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Services raise consumer engagement by 30% and reduce document delivery costs by 50% with easy ways for consumers to view and pay bills.

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Join 3,600 other clients who trust ACI to satisfy evolving consumer demand to manage their bills and payments anywhere from any device. Offer a wide range of convenient eBilling and ePayment options to win consumer loyalty and increase revenue.

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Bill Pay Services



Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automates payments by phone so you can easily let consumers know the payment amount due and due date, as well as enable them to make payments.

Calls are scripted and recorded (in English and Spanish) to your specifications, and consumers have the convenience of payment over the phone via ACH or credit or debit card.  They are transferred to a live agent on request. ACI’s IVR generates reports on caller exit counts relative to call flow, helping to optimize staffing resources. It also gives you access to real-time, on-demand reporting and tracking.

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External Agent Payments


Easily accept payments made at walk-in payment centers, insurance agencies, and through other external agents.

ACI offers a safe, efficient way to satisfy the under-banked and those who prefer to pay with cash in person. You receive all payments in one file, which can be combined with electronic payments from other channels to simplify reconciliation and manage accounts receivable. ACI’s Walk-In service reports on same-day payments, and offers real-time, on-demand reporting, tracking and management.

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ACI’s Application Program Interface (API) lets you outsource bill payment processing while maintaining control of the user interface.

It gives you access to ACI’s industry-leading engine for payment authorization, processing and remittance. Real-time or batch processing options are available and fully integrated with your front-end application to minimize costs and risks while maintaining a consistent, branded customer experience. It enables outsourced bill payment processing while you retain control over customer data.

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Call center


ACI’s Call Center payments give you a single online touch point for managing bill presentment, payment and customer service across all channels.

It saves customer service representatives time because they can more quickly view and manage account information no matter how consumers pay their bills, address consumer payment inquiries, turn off the paper bill, set up automatic payments, handle paper suppression requests, and update contact information. It eases management of reconciliation and returns, and provides tools to optimize staffing resources.

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ACI’s Mobile Browser gives your consumers a quick, easy, safe way to manage their mobile payments from text notification the payment is due to viewing a bill and paying it.

The number of US adults who use their smartphones to manage their lives and finances continues to grow rapidly. The ACI Mobile Browser gets you on top of the curve by providing an integrated, consistent way to handle mobile ACH, debit card and credit card payments across devices, either one-time or recurring. Mobile payments are proven to reduce the number of customers relying on costly paper bills, and strengthen customer relationships.     

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Web pay


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Satisfy your wide range of consumers with a single integrated solution.

One-Time Payments

Serve consumers who want to make payments without signing up for an ongoing service. They can make single payments via the Web, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), a live agent, or a mobile device. They can pay by ACH, credit card or debit card. ACI One-Time Payments delivers the ultimate in convenience, which builds loyalty and increases revenue by leading consumers to buy more services.

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Recurring Payments

Give your consumers the easiest way to enroll in an online billing relationship. With just one click this service allows them to set up single or automated payments. You can offer a complete and convenient mobile, web, call center and API interface that allows your consumers to create their own profile with a username and password. ACI Recurring Payments increases the percentage of consumers using on-line payment methods, reducing cost.

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Service Fee Payments

Accept payments at zero cost to you. Allow your consumers to make both card and ACH payments at the last minute without incurring any transaction costs. A small service fee is charged directly to the consumer at no additional cost to you. These service fee payments maintain compliance and satisfy consumer demand for bill payment at the 11th hour.

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Integrated Treasury Management

Ease the complexity of managing card processor relationships, including interchange management as well as complexities and delays inherent with most in-house systems. Integrated Treasury Management frees you from managing an electronic consumer payments stream. With this service, ACI takes over all processor relationships and covers all transaction costs for a set, low-cost predictable price. With ACI’s ITM, you can simplify reconciliation and speed cash flow.

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Disbursement Services

Access a low cost way to send funds to consumers, including overpayment, return of prepaid funds, refund of fees, insurance claims and loyalty rewards. This ACI service ensures accurate and consistent credit and refund processing by consolidating multiple functions and eliminating potential points of failure. ACI automates disbursements for many of the nation’s largest companies, enabling them to leverage ACI’s economies of scale to lower costs.

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Remittance Services

Enjoy an easy, cost-effective, accurate way to enable consumers to pay all their bills—from the mortgage to the babysitter—from a single website or mobile app. It leverages ACI’s 9,000+ endpoint relationships built over 24 years to deliver electronic payments quickly and accurately.    

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Consolidate and receive electronic payments coming from any source, including every online banking site, walk-in location and your user interfaces. It combines hundreds or thousands of electronic payments into a single daily posting file and a single daily deposit. The eLockbox’s rigorous error detection ensures proper payment posting, reducing costs as well as increasing customer satisfaction.  

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Increase consumer engagement by 30% with videos and targeted offers to boost sales and reduce costs. With eBill you can increase your revenue by turning your most frequent customer touch point into an opportunity to expand relationships. It also reduces customer service calls by up to 10% by answering customer questions with videos and billing FAQs right in the eBill. ACI’s eBill is shown to reduce paper use and shrink document delivery costs by 50%.

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