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Easy Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

25% higher customer satisfaction with 50% savings on document delivery costs. That’s the power of eBilling and payment with ACI.

Check out this info sheet on why 3,700 clients selected ACI to improve satisfaction, savings and security.

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Your One Solution for Every Billing and Payment Need

Make online billing and payment processing easy across all options, for every generation and situation. Consumers can now choose simple mobile and web payment, without giving up the option of walk-in or call center payments. With the ACI Speedpay solution, electronic bill presentment and payment stretch beyond the consumer’s screen. No matter how they decide to make their payment, the experience will be easy.

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Your One Solution for Every Billing and Payment Need

Channels for Bill Presentment, Payment and Communication


Application Programming Interface (API)

ACI’s application programming interface (API) covers outsourced bill payment from authorization through remittance. APIs provide real-time or batch processing that fully integrates with your own branded front-end consumer experience. We take care of the PCI-compliant payment processing, while you maintain control of the user interface. Using APIs, you can accept payments, manage user enrollment, search for data and more.

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Mobile Bill Presentment and Payment


Place your bill where your consumers can’t misplace it — their mobile wallet. More and more consumers are using their Apple and Google mobile wallets each month, and with our moBills solution you can present statements and other documents, provide a link for consumers to pay their bill, pause payments (new feature), and even send consumers valuable alerts and messages. As a result, mobile wallets reduce payment-related calls up to 33%.*

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Text Message

Text messages conveniently remind consumers when a bill is due and give them a quick way to pay right at their fingertips. We simply request their mobile phone number and their agreement to receive texts. By granting them this greater sense of control, you’ll collect more payments and increase their comfort with paperless billing. Learn more about text and email communication in Text Message Payments and ACI Notification Services.


Mobile Browser

Accept payments online from consumers on the go. ACI Mobile Browser Bill Pay delivers a full suite of convenient features, including payment-due reminders, viewing, payment and the option to turn off paper billing. With mobile bill pay, you’ll reduce your expense for paper reminders while meeting consumer demand for greater access and convenience.

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*Client results


Web Billing and Payments

For consumer convenience, ACI’s web payments gives you a feature-rich, branded online payments service that’s easy for consumers to use. Notify them when a bill is due, and then direct them to the website where they can view, pay and turn off paper billing. You’ll improve satisfaction while encouraging greater usage of a low-cost, online, self-service option.

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Deliver alerts and full eBills right into your consumers email inbox. Keep consumer’s informed about the latest updates on billing and payment with alerts. Plus, ACI can securely send full detailed electronic bills attached to email. These interactive eBills can include targeted messages to improve your consumer relationship while providing a direct link to pay their bill. Learn how to use email as part of your integrated consumer communication management platform.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

With ACI’s interactive voice response payments, or IVR, you can provide improved consumer convenience, while reducing your internal support costs. The IVR system easily informs consumers of the payment amount and due date, and then allows them to pay through the IVR system. 


Customer Service Representative (CSR)

For consumers who wish to speak with a live person when paying, ACI’s secure call center provides an extra layer of security. By enabling consumers to key in card information, rather than speak it out loud, you can reduce PCI-compliance expenses by up to 80% thanks to ACI’s partnership with Semafone. Either your own or ACI’s representatives can take payments, update contact information and enroll consumers in paperless billing.

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Walk-In Payments

Offered through ACI's walk-in partner networks, ACI’s walk-in payments make it easy for consumers to pay in cash at convenient payment locations, including walk-in payment centers, insurance agents and other external agents. You’ll receive your money and posting information electronically, with consumer payments posted the same day. It’s a safe, efficient way to satisfy those consumers who prefer to pay in person with cash.


Point-of-Sale Payments (POS)

Like walk-in payments, ACI’s POS payments provides consumers with convenient, in person payment options. The difference is that POS payments also allow them to pay with a credit or debit card. Accepting multiple payment methods improves the consumer experience and card acceptance typically increases payment amounts.

Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS)

ACI mobile POS not only offers a convenient way for consumers to pay, it can also increase the amount they pay. Simply attach a card reader to an iPad or iPhone that’s equipped with the free card reader app, and you can accept cards almost anywhere. You’ll not only improve consumer satisfaction, but card acceptance also increases payment amounts by 25%.

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Eliminate staff time and associated cash handling risks by allowing consumers to pay at self-service kiosks. This advanced technology offered through ACI's kiosk partner handles payment by cash, check, credit or debit card.



Lower the cost of check payments by mail with low-cost automation. A nationwide network speeds the processing of each check by providing multiple post office box pick-ups and high-volume processing centers. A web-based workflow easily manages same-day processing, while providing non-standard or exceptions processing. Remote capture and consolidated receivables in an integrated archive make record keeping easy with ACI’s partner 3 Point Alliance.

Right Time, Right Payment Options

One-Time, Recurring and Payment Plans

Increase consumer satisfaction and reduce your costs, while giving more options — like payment plans that make paying more affordable. 

ACI One-Time Payments lets customers pay quickly without a username/password. Or, make it easier for consumers to enroll in online billing with ACI Recurring Payments.

One Time Payments

One-Time Payments Convenience

With ACI One-Time Payments, it’s easy for customers to make a single payment with no sign-up and no ongoing commitment. You control the branding, payment options and processing costs. The system handles the details. From electronic payment processing to security and compliance, you’ll have everything you need to handle multiple payment types and methods. It’s the simple way to more efficient accounts receivable operations.

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Keep the Money Coming with Recurring Payments

ACI Recurring Payments processing offers an easy-to-use, online payment system that leads to loyal consumers. Consumers can view bills, schedule notifications, store funding account information and set up single or automated payments.

You’ll increase customer satisfaction by providing choice and convenience via a consistent consumer experience. You’ll also improve your cash flow forecasting, thanks to real-time, on-demand reporting, tracking and management.

Recurring Payments form part of an integrated platform for consumer communication management when combined with customer communications management.

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Service Fee Payments

Accept payments at zero cost to you. Allow your consumers to make both card and ACH payments at the last minute without incurring any transaction costs. A small service fee is charged directly to the consumer at no additional cost to you. These service fee payments maintain compliance and satisfy consumer demand for bill payment at the 11th hour.

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Integrated Payment Plan

Integrated Payment Plan

The ACI Integrated Payment Plan offers greater flexibility with features like real-time integration, which eliminates the need for laborious record keeping. The system easily returns balance and account information, posts payments and updates the account in your system. Enrollment and one-time payments can be configured to post in real time, with other payments batched and posted automatically.

Find out how Integrated Payment Plan can help you increase revenue, while reducing errors and administration time.

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Stop Managing Payment Processing

Treasury Management

Feel like you’re devoting too much time to managing card processor relationships? Are you juggling interchange management and the complexities and delays that come with most in-house systems?

With ACI Integrated Treasury Management, ACI takes over all processor relationships and covers all transaction costs.

And with ACI eLockbox, you can streamline the process of receiving payments from disparate payment methods — from ePayment systems to walk-ins. 

Treasury Management

ACI Integrated Treasury Management – Your Simpler Route to ePayment Reconciliation

Easily manage all your card processor relationships with ACI Integrated Treasury Management. Eliminate multiple deposits from processors and receive all your funds in one simple deposit.

  • Streamline the reconciliation process
  • Improve cash flow
  • Easily predict and even reduce costs
  • Receive next-day funding in full
  • Delay processing fees until end of month
  • Remove risks, delays and uncertainties with payments settlement

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ACI eLockbox Simplifies and Consolidates Payments – from In-Person to Electronic

Easily receive online/mobile banking ePayments, walk-in payments and ePayments from your own channels with ACI eLockbox. eLockbox consolidates all payments into one deposit, with a single data file for reconciliation. This simplified process reduces your costs and staff time.

Here's how eLockbox streamlines the ePayment process:

  1. Customers pay
  2. eLockbox sends one file with all transactions
  3. You credit the payments and deposit the funds

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Increase Consumer Engagement by 30%

Customer Communication Management

Boost engagement with targeted messages, cut document delivery cost by 50% and reduce customer service calls by up to 10%. Achieve these results with a single platform for all your communications from alerts, to bills, to documents, to regulatory notices and marketing communications.

Simplify your print, email, text, mobile, tablet and web communications with a single system. Business users can orchestrate, change, manage content and govern all communications, removing the costs and long timelines of technology projects.

Customer Communication Management

Learn the power of eBills    |    eBill Case Study


Low-Cost Way to Send Money

Real-Time Disbursement Services

ACI disbursement services provide you with a low-cost way to send money to your customers in real time. Customers simply provide their debit card number and the money goes into their account associated with that card. Or, if consumers prefer, we can send the money via ACH or paper check. No matter how they're paid, you get rich reporting and industry-leading security.

We can disburse insurance claims, student refunds, loan distributions, loyalty rewards, rebates, payouts, government benefits and many other payments.

See How to Do Disbursement, Better    |    Real-Time Disbursement Info Sheet


Let Customers Quickly Pay Their Bills

Remittance Services

Enjoy a fast, cost-effective, accurate way to enable consumers to pay all their bills—from the mortgage to the babysitter—from a single website or mobile app. ACI’s remittance services leverage our 9,000+ endpoint relationships built over 24 years to deliver electronic payments quickly and accurately.

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  1. 25% higher consumer satisfaction – source: Third party survey of UP Bill Payment Solution clients
    50% savings on document delivery costs – source: Chartwell
25% higher consumer satisfaction – source: Third party survey of UP Bill Payment Solution clients
50% savings on document delivery costs – source: Chartwell