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ACI Virtual Collection Agent is an online debt collection service designed to emulate your best collection agents. It reduces stress while increasing the overall consistency and efficiency of your debt collection process.

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Collect More at Lower Cost

Virtual Collection Agent consistently reduces charge-offs by 10 percent. In fact, it collects almost $2 billion of debt annually for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Stress-Free, Consistent Collections

With Virtual Collection Agent, financial institutions can create different online debt collection sites for different consumers, enabling you to test offer strategies and easily change content. The simple-to-use agent interface ensures consistent application of collections policy, both in the call center and online.

Future-Proof solution

Virtual Collection Agent, and its Manage My Payment feature, scales to respond to business and market needs. In addition, it is a fully PCI-compliant solution that minimizes risk while increasing security and compliance.

Automated Arrearage Management

Save on collections with an intuitive strategy manager that matches the right offers to the right consumers and gives consumers a self-service option to relieve outstanding payments.  

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Additional Information

ACI Bill Payment Engine Integration

The Virtual Collection Agent integrates with the ACI Bill Payment Engine to ease overall collections payment and processing.

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Powerful Payment Combinations

To better tailor the customer experience, ACI’s Virtual Collection Agent can be combined with other ACI payment services, including one-time, recurring, fee-based or treasury management payments.

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