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Bringing Home the Payments Bacon (And Other ‘Sizzles’ Such as PSD2, GDPR, AI and Big Data)

Payments trends 2018

Mark, we’ve closed out another hectic Money20/20; my eyes are still dry; my throat is still sore; I still reek of cigarettes; I’ve eaten a lot of bacon on a stick (thanks to Zelle, a great group of people and a great partner)! So for the most part, this year’s event has been another win. And I haven’t even referenced the many terrific sessions during the week (well, I guess I just did).

DR: What did you think of this year’s event?

MR: In a word, “huuuge.” This show has become a can’t-miss on the annual events calendar. From the session tracks to the hallway meetings and late-night run-ins. We’ve been coming since the Aria days and this year didn’t disappoint on any front.

DR: What were some of the highlights?

MR: AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data! And they were dominant. PSD2 continued to sizzle, not unlike like the Zelle bacon… and GDPR is looming like a tsunami on the horizon!

DR: Indeed, in just about every discussion we had with US-based press, the GDPR topic was front and center…“looms like a tsunami” might be an understatement. But looking ahead, what’s the buzz for next year?

MR: Borrowing a line from my friend and esteemed colleague, Sweet Lu Z: next year will be all about I or me! The ownership of my data and the ramifications of that will be ripping through our ecosystem next year.

DR: Now that sounds like a great topic for a post… I love foreshadow.