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What one best practice do you want to enable across your properties?

  • The ability to quickly integrate new payment technologies?
  • A safe, flexible system that works with any POS terminal?
  • Cashless, cardless, onsite reward redemption?

Watch our video to learn more about the ACI Omni-Commerce solution for hotels. You don’t have to choose a best practice for your business. You can have it all. You’re our guest. Let us make your merchant payments experience pleasant and profitable.

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Payments Insight for Hotels

The 2018 Global Payments Insight research report looks at key aspects of global merchants' existing payment infrastructures, their forecasts for spending, areas for investment and their perceptions on where payments fit within their business.

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We Know What Packs the House

If You’re Not First, You’re Last

A flexible system lets you seize opportunity before the competition. What new technology will you harness to improve your customers’ experience?

Complexity Rocks

With spas, restaurants, golf courses and rooms, hotel chains thrive on increasingly complex operations. How much more could you grow your business with a system capable of supporting your diverse operations?

Flexibility Rules

Vendors are taking away options when hotels need them most. Don’t get boxed into a corner by POS providers. Avoid a lock-in with payment partners and experience a secure solution that promotes flexibility and enables the payment choices guests crave. How will you make their stay more enjoyable?

Speed Enables Innovation

Breakthrough ideas around loyalty programs, reward redemption, geo-targeting and omni-channel success fall flat without the ability to implement them quickly. How will you transform travel and lodging with a seamless customer experience?

Cater to Travelers' Demand for Convenience

In an industry where success is measured by your ability to cater to travelers’ demand for convenience and data exposure can ruin a brand, the ACI Omni-Commerce solution delivers unparalleled freedom and confidence.

Take Control of the Front Desk

Totally secure system: 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, point-to-point encryption and tokenization from POS device to payments processor and integrated fraud detection enable safe one-click online reservations.

Blazing speed: Active/Active technology and network segmentation take payments memory out of the purchase experience, leaving guests with only incredible impressions of your hospitality and a longing to return.

Zero downtime: ACI ensures a payments system with a 99.95% uptime.

Real-time rewards redemption: ACI spots purchase patterns and instantly delivers card-specific rewards to the POS terminal for onsite redemption.

Leverage over POS providers: Get the power you need to negotiate advantageous rates on card reader terminals and acquirer fees.

Webinar Replay: Investing in Innovation, Real-Time Payments and Security

ACI’s chief solution officer and independent analysts at Ovum discuss where merchants are prioritizing investments in payments and why cost and customer experience are critical to where they place their bets.

Watch this session and learn:

  • Why merchants should view their core payments infrastructure as the foundation for future customer-facing innovation
  • The initial and long-term benefits of real-time payments for merchants (and their customers)
  • How to balance fraud prevention against the desire to increase sales conversions