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Protect Your Customer Data

Secure your customers, reduce your compliance burden and retain the flexibility and independence to effectively manage your business with single- and multi-use tokens from ACI.

Through this offering, merchants can get more from tokenization, which protects payments data by replacing the card or primary account number (PAN) with a unique value or numeric sequence for use within the merchant environment. If your business suffers a data breach, all the hackers gain is the tokens, which cannot be converted back to card numbers. This protects your customer data and reduces your PCI-compliance obligations since sensitive data is not stored within your environment.

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Provide Seamless Omni-Channel Data Security

ACI omni-tokens can be used across channels (online, mobile, in-store and MOTO payments) and with card and alternative payment methods. This powers the seamless omni-channel experience that your customers want. Looking to offer secure “buy online, pickup in-store” services or subscriptions? Want to make the returns process simpler and faster for customers? Our omni-tokens link the customer to their tokenized payment method with ease, while ensuring their highly sensitive personal data remains secure. Learn more about the key benefits of ACI's omni-tokens

ACI Tokenization


Gain Control, Flexibility and Independence

Our merchant omni-tokens give you complete ownership of your tokenization capability. Use them any way you need to — for internal functions like reporting or to connect to external partners such as loyalty program providers. 

And when it comes to external payment processes including authorization, settlement and reconciliation, we convert the tokens back to PANs within our safe harbor and handle the processes out to issuers, acquirers and schemes. 

The unrivaled breadth of ACI’s relationships, our global reach and acquirer-agnostic technology ensure you can flex which acquirers and providers you work with, with no impact on the stored tokens.

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ACI Tokenization Gain Control
P2PE Asset Management Fanned ACI Tokenization

Belt and Braces — The Security Duo for Credit Card Data

Tokenization is one piece of the puzzle when it comes to data security — and its perfect teammate is point-to-point encryption (P2PE), which encrypts sensitive card and customer information at the terminal.

Hackers target customer payments data from merchants’ back-office systems and as it travels from payments terminal to processor. Combining our tokenization and P2PE capabilities gives you peace of mind that your customer data is protected at every touchpoint.

Tackle the dual burden of data security and PCI compliance with P2PE >