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Roundtable Discussion: Payments transformation and the role of mobile banking and payments

We’re finding that no matter the region, payments are undergoing a transformation. The transformation is at different stages depending on the country and its infrastructure, but across the board, banks and processors understand that this is a revolution and it will change how they do business.

The attendees agreed that mobile payments and mobile banking are critical to the future, and everyone wants to be part of the action.
In the coming weeks, ACI will release a report, in partnership with the Aite Group, which shows how consumers in 14 countries view mobile payments and mobile banking. The preliminary data indicates adoption and attitudes vary widely. It would also seem consumers with smartphones are very interested in taking advantage of the enhanced capabilities these phones provide to use mobile banking and make payments. The role of the smartphone in changing behavior and expectations should come as no surprise. Attendees at the luncheon are seeing this trend growing and are seeking ways to add products and services for an increasingly mobile customer base.
This is an exciting time to be part of the payments industry. With banks, processors, retailers, mobile carriers and others all striving to create the next big thing and influence the future of payments, what do you think will be the key driver in payments transformation in the next one to two years? Check back in with us in a few weeks to review the data we collected on current mobile payment and banking adoption and see if it changes your predictions at all.

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