Remittance Services

Let Your Customers Pay All Bills in One Place

ACI Remittance Services provides you with an easy, cost-effective, accurate way to meet the demands of today’s busy consumers by enabling them to pay all their bills, from the mortgage to the babysitter, on a single website or app

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Improve customer satisfaction
Provide a single, convenient place for customers to make all their bill payments.

Ensure accuracy
Drive efficient and accurate payment posting by leveraging ACI’s real-time digital scanline technology to quickly correct address and account number errors.

Seamless integration
Flexible integration options ensure a good fit with existing systems and operations.

Enable Multiple Bill Payments from One Place

ACI’s online bill payment platform leverages ACI’s 9,000+ biller endpoint relationships built over to deliver electronic payments quickly, accurately, and securely.

Remittance Services are part of the broader set of payment capabilities and one of the many different services driven by ACI’s bill payment solution ACI Speedpay, a comprehensive integrated platform proven to raise consumer satisfaction 25%.

ACI offers the most comprehensive EBPP services to handle multiple payment types and methods on a 24×7 basis via your channel of choice.

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