ACI Payment Testing

Automate Payments Infrastructure Testing

Simplify and automate the complex process of testing and simulation to ensure successful implementations, upgrades and software updates

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Reduce the Cost of Downtime
Test and simulate transactions before systems are in production

Slash Development Costs
Reduce development life-cycle costs through integrated testing

Implement Faster
Automate testing to significantly reduce the time of new implementations, updates and system enhancements

Risk Management Testing

Simplify and accelerate the testing of your risk infrastructure by simulating and testing specific components in isolation, stress testing to ensure system capability, validating new rules and minimizing time and resources.

In today’s rapidly changing fraud environment, it’s important to simulate the production setting for risk management before implementation. Organizations need an efficient solution that enables testing with minimal time and resources, while providing solid validation of new rules.

ACI Payment Testing simulates the Proactive Risk Manager Interface Process (PIP), scoring engine, authorization processor and the Online Extract Interface (OEI) process. Each can be simulated independently or combined together to gain all the benefits of a full tailored end-to-end test environment. It makes the testing process easier and quicker, whether the goal is to validate a rule, test performance, or test a specific Proactive Risk Manager component.

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ATM Simulation

Leverage a powerful set of “At an ATM” simulators to perform configuration, solution and performance testing of your ATM fleet. ACI Payment Testing allows multi-vendor ATM simulations, covering the testing and simulation needs for an entire network of ATMs, regardless of their brand. Powerful functionality allows customers to simulate the exact configuration of their ATMs, including hardware, supplies and fitness data, and security settings.

Complex testing scenarios are usually very difficult and very expensive to execute. With the use of ACI Payment Testing’s ATM simulators, the task becomes much more manageable, less time consuming, and more importantly, cheaper.

Testing for Payment Engines

ACI Payment Testing has been designed, developed and used internally by ACI Worldwide for ACI payment engines.

Testing and identifying errors in code at the earliest possible stage is critical to the success of financial systems in production environments. ASSET simplifies and automates the complex process of testing to ensure successful implementations, upgrades and software updates for ACI payment engines.

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Ensure Success

Ensure smooth implementation with new financial systems, upgrades to an existing one, or rolling out new changes


Plug-and-play test packs provide test scripts and simulation for a wide variety of situations

Global Implementation

A distributed, network-based test environment means testing can be shared between all departments

Industry Leading

Participation in a range of standards bodies and partnerships with leading manufacturers delivers valuable direction and insight.

Key ASSET test simulators:

NCR+ Device Handler, Diebold Device Handler, Triton Device Handler, IFX ATM Device Handler, Wincor NDC Device Handler, Wincor DDC Device, Standard POS Device Handler (SPDH), Hypercom POS Device Handler (HPDH), EMV SmartCard, VISA ISO Interface, American Express, Banknet, MasterCard Debit Switch (MDS), ISO Host Interface (ISO8583 1993), ISO Host Interface (ISO8583 1987), CO-OP Interface, Discover Interface, NYCE Interface, PULSE Interface, STAR Interface, VISA DPS, China Union Pay (CUP) Interface, JCB Interface, Cardnet Interface, RuPay Interface, Equens Interface, LINK (LIS5) Interface, United Arab Emirates Central Bank Interface

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Test-Ready Solutions

ACI Payment Testing can be deployed across a wide range of ACI’s payment solutions.