Network Intelligence

Distribute, Exchange and Consume Risk Signals

Improve your fraud prevention strategies with network intelligence. ACI’s proprietary network intelligence technology allows banks, processors, acquirers and networks to securely share and consume industry-wide fraud signals to feed their machine learning models alongside proprietary data

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Leverage Flexible Consortium Data
Choose which fraud signals to apply to your models, with real-time signal sharing across the collaborative network.

Enrich Your Current Fraud Strategy
Choose which signals to adopt and how to apply them to your fraud strategy.

Respond to Real-Time Threats
Gain faster access to macro trends insight to update models in real-time.

Network Intelligence for Banks, Processors and Acquirers

Collaborate for Improved Fraud Prevention

Increasing digital payment volumes and types creates increasing fraud volumes and attack vectors. Financial institutions need to collaborate to develop macro insights and beat the fraudsters with valid models that are weighted appropriately across all parties.

  • Consume, distribute and exchange secure fraud signals without exposing raw data
  • Maintain the strength of custom, proprietary signals and complement with signals exchanged within the community
  • Incorporate signals from third-party fraud intelligence sources
  • Choose which insights to adopt into models and which to contribute to community findings
  • Leverage transparent, individual signals rather than a single opaque model dominated by the largest contributor
  • Create informative, non-redundant and contextually meaningful data features, focused on individual requirements
  • Understand localized threats before they become endemic
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Transforming Machine Learning

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Leverage Machine Learning Effectively

Machine learning insight is only as strong as the data it receives. Systems must be supplied with the widest possible view of risk in real-time. This necessitates access to internal and external data.

  • Incorporate community data into machine learning model training and risk analysis
  • Consume community fraud signals in real-time to instantly improve models
  • Integrate proven model features into adaptive machine learning strategies
  • Leverage a hybrid approach with model creation and risk scoring
  • Leverage an intuitive UI for validation, and automatically apply community contributions for accelerated time to value


Safe and Secure

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