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Inside real-Time

What is inside real-time?

Inside Real-Time is the go-to source for expert insights on the real-time payments landscape. Centered on ACI’s annual Prime Time for Real-Time report, it answers the critical questions facing today’s financial, merchant, and biller industries.

Get the latest information on the impact real-time payment schemes and regulations are having, the top use cases driving adoption, plus which countries are taking the lead in the real-time revolution.

The real-time reality

Double-digit growth propels innovation and rapid adoption

Financial inclusion

Real-time provides real benefits to global communities

Payments modernization

Real-time payments help to drive digital transformation

The power of collaboration

End-to-end collaboration builds successful payment ecosystems

The real-time reality

Double-digit growth has pushed real-time potential to real-world proof. As real-time payment markets mature globally, new entrants are learning from others’ implementations, leapfrogging existing tech and services to deliver instant payment schemes and use cases that drive adoption, faster than ever.

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Financial inclusion

For many countries, communities and citizens, real-time payments go beyond providing greater convenience and choice. Real-time acts as a catalyst for proven economic benefit, helping to solve real-word issues and delivering real-life advantages. 

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable businessman using a digital tablet while out in the city at night

Payments modernization

Real-time continues to assert its role as an enabler for digital transformation. Research confirms championing real-time payments has helped pave the way for payments modernization and sustainable growth, opening the door to economic, competitive and operational advantages.

Blue hologram particle world map and network communication.

The power of collaboration

End-to-end collaboration accelerates compelling use cases, whether by government mandate or industry consensus. Real-time payment systems thrive when there is active collaboration by financial institutions, payment service providers, central banks, government institutions, merchants and third-party stakeholders.

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