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Increase Engagement at Every Touchpoint

Customer Communications Management combines payments, billing and communications into an integrated, end-to-end platform. Business users can orchestrate, change, manage content and govern all communications, removing the costs and long timelines of technology projects.

Customer Communications Management is an integral part of the ACI Speedpay solutions, a comprehensive integrated platform proven to raise consumer satisfaction by 25%. 

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ACI Customer Communications Management Snapshot

  1. Master Data Manager – Data is securely parsed and stored in one relational database to support targeted messaging, communications, billing, reporting and analytics
  2. Communications Targeting – Store and manage templates, reduce IT expenses and optimize workflow while crafting personalized messaging for eBills, disclosures, promotions and every other communication
  3. Preference Center – Information capture to support omni-channel delivery that also enhances personalization, consent and compliance support and text and email alert management
  4. Consumer Interfaces – This omni-channel platform supports everything from print to text alerts, with interfaces that include mobile, tablet and more
  5. Payment Options – Give your customers their favorite ways to pay, whether it be a one-time or a recurring automatic payment
  6. Treasury Management – Benefit from the administration of payment network connections, merchant account and funding, while simplifying Payment Card Industry compliance
  7. Reporting & Data Warehouse – Archive and store all documents delivered to the customer, with an audit trail, full regulatory and compliance support, business intelligence and analytics tools and more

Case Study: Exceed Industry Averages for Customer Communications Management

This company grew its business profitably with efficient customer experiences that exceeded industry averages for electronic bill presentment and payment. Going beyond eBilling, it jointly designed customer communications, migrated paper-based auto-debit customers to web-based recurring payments, and conducted regular security reviews to ensure compliance to PCI and FFIEC standards.

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Increase Engagement Everywhere

Increase Engagement Everywhere

Potential communications you can send through ACI’s single system:

  • Email marketing
  • Mobile bill and invoice presentment
  • Text bill-due reminder
  • Mail privacy notice