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  • 2020 Year of Nearly Cashless Payments

    2020: The Year of (Near) Cashless Transactions?

    Thursday, January 09, 2020

    Happy belated New Year and raise your hand if you make and/or follow New Year’s resolutions. I used to and then realized they were exercises in futility. But, over this past holiday, I thought I’d give the resolution game one more shot. This one was more a realistic goal than it was a resolution, but who can really tell the difference anyway!?! I decided to go cashless over the holidays, which can still be somewhat challenging for many in the US (though my friends in other countries are probably ridiculing me right now). I was traveling (to NYC and Florida) and wanted to pack as little as possible (in both my luggage and my wallet). I’m all about loyalty card points these days, hence the 2 back-to-back trips.

  • How India is Tackling the Challenges of Digital Payments Growth

    How India is Tackling the Challenges of Digital Payments Growth

    Monday, December 23, 2019

    India’s massive transformation from a cash-based society to a cashless society is underscored by the rise in fintech adoption and the growth of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) platform, which is now processing more than one billion transactions each month.

  • Three Merchant Payment Trends to Watch in 2020

    Three Merchant Payment Trends to Watch in 2020

    Wednesday, December 18, 2019

    In 2019, merchants everywhere were challenged by pressure from new entrants, the continued breakdown of traditional industry boundaries and growing customer preference for a digitally-led or digitally-influenced purchasing experience.

  • Claim a Greater Slice of the Mobile Payments Pie

    Learn How to Claim a Greater Slice of the Mobile Payments Pie

    Thursday, December 12, 2019

    U.S. Wireless Players: $14.3B is at stake – are you in?

    Mobile commerce is thriving as consumers seek out convenient, quick and secure shopping experiences. And transaction growth on mobile devices is outpacing traditional desktop and in-store channels, aided by click and collect and one-click purchasing trends. For U.S. telcos, the message is clear: proactively add value to the payments process, or risk missing out on increasing your portion of the growing mobile payments market.

  • consumer fraud tips blog

    9 Holiday Preparedness Tips to Stay Protected from Fraud in 2019

    Thursday, December 05, 2019

    The hustle and bustle of the holiday season often makes it difficult to prioritize consumer safety, especially when it comes to eCommerce and mobile devices. But with the growing threat of identity theft and other security concerns, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of consumer protection. After all, brand reputation and trust can take years to build, but all can be lost in a matter of minutes.

  • Taking Aim at Fraud and Keeping Up with Technology

    Auto Finance Summit 2019: Taking Aim at Fraud and Keeping Up with Technology

    Wednesday, November 27, 2019

    ACI Worldwide bill pay experts were recently at the 19th annual Auto Finance Summit in Las Vegas for three days of networking and education with industry leaders in auto lending and leasing. When we weren’t at our booth demoing the ACI Speedpay solution, we were catching up with our peers and attending informative panels and sessions. Here are our top-three takeaways from the show:

  • How to Survive Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    How to Survive Black Friday and Cyber Monday… and Provide a Great Consumer Experience

    Thursday, November 21, 2019

    As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, shoppers and merchants alike await amazing deals and a welcome boost in sales, respectively. I took a moment to speak with two of ACI’s merchant payments and fraud experts, Andrew Marshman (merchant payments lead, Europe) and Erika Dietrich (VP, Global Fraud Prevention Risk Services) about what merchants need to know as they head forth into one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year.

  • The Invisibility Cloak of Payments

    The Invisibility Cloak of Payments: What Are the Consequences?

    Wednesday, November 20, 2019

    If you could pick any superpower, what would you pick? Children often pick "invisibility.” Oh, the possibilities of being invisible! What fun! You can walk into a candy store and take all the candy you want, you can stay downstairs late with your parents and listen to what they’re saying, you can sneak out without anybody noticing… But when you think about it, there are also disadvantages that come with this superpower.

  • Whats Next for Nordic Payments

    What’s Next for Nordic Payments? P27 and the Rise of Real-Time and Cross-Border

    Tuesday, November 19, 2019

    The Nordic region has long been considered a pioneer of digital payments, with some of the lowest cash usage levels in Europe; however, the impact on cross-border payments has been limited when compared to progress on the domestic front. And this is a crucial area to address for a region with large volumes of trade and tourism between neighbors, as evidenced by the fact that 18,000 Swedish workers commute to Denmark on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, improving the cross-border payments experience and efficiency is a high priority.

  • Looking Back at Money2020 USA

    Looking Back at Money20/20 USA: Where Do We Go From Here?

    Monday, November 18, 2019

    Now that the dust has settled on another successful Money20/20 USA in Las Vegas, it allows for a moment of reflection on what some of the announcements and trends mean for the ever-changing financial industry. Discussions spanned a variety of topics, including the future of international and digital expansion of PSPs, how organizations developing cryptocurrency wallets plan to enter the payments space, and how challenger banks plan to revolutionize the banking experience. Inclusivity was a recurring theme throughout – and nowhere was this more evident than in the Rise Up program.