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Winfred Ang

Wenhui Ang

Risk Analyst, APAC

Wenhui Ang

Wenhui currently provides risk analysis and fraud advice to ACI Worldwide's APAC merchants. He has extensive experience as a financial and business analyst, which helps to quickly identify relationships between businesses and fraud patterns in the internal or external environment. His core principles are hard work, integrity and self-discipline.

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  • Card fraud in Singapore

    How Fraudulent Are Singapore-issued Cards?

    Monday, March 06, 2017

    While eCommerce continues to bloom globally, it is still outpaced by growth in total fraud losses. In 2015, total losses from card fraud increased by 19 percent over the previous year, while the overall card transaction volume grew by only 15 percent. But what’s the picture at the local level? Specifically, are Singapore-issued credit cards–in a domestic market that has strict laws and financial regulation–spared from this exposure and risk?