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Eric Lopeman

Eric Lopeman

Principal Solution Consultant

Eric Lopeman

Over the last 20 years Eric has worked for companies in both the technology and payments industries. Prior to joining ACI in 2010, Eric spent 12 years at First National Bank of Omaha working in various technology and operational roles surrounding both payments and risk management. His last held position at FNBO was as Operations Officer over the risk management functions, which included risk analytics, fraud detection & prevention, and recovery.

Since a large portion of Eric's experience comes from operational risk management, he often writes about areas that will assist other operational risk managers in improving their operational performance- these include understanding metrics (good and bad), bench strength, process improvement, and making their operations more efficient. Additionally, due to Eric's time spent working in the "trenches", he also writes about fraud fighting tactics, rule building, best in class policies.. etc.

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  • Can Smaller Banks Have it All

    Can Smaller Banks Have it All?

    Thursday, June 25, 2015

    Credit unions, smaller banks and community financial institutions feel the pressure to stay competitive with the big banks. 

  • Don't call me, I'll call you blog

    Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

    Friday, June 19, 2015

    School is out for the summer for most, and families and friends are planning vacations to popular destinations. One of the myriad tasks people are doing in preparation for their trips is calling their banks’ credit card companies to let them know they’ll be visiting and making purchases in cities, states, or countries. What consumers don’t realize is that with today’s advanced fraud detection systems in place, this could actually do more harm than good.