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The $2.2 Million Your eBilling Strategy Loses Each Year

The $2.2 Million Your eBilling Strategy Loses Each Year

I just got off the phone with a call center rep and I am legitimately delighted. The rep addressed the issue with one of my bills quickly and easily. But what would have been even better is if I never had to call about my bill in the first place. Most electronic billing & payment solutions have failed to reduce customer service calls, according to a survey of 100 executives summarized in the infographic below

What the survey results concluded were that electronic billing & payment solutions can not only generate new revenue, but also reduce costs considerably.

  • $1 million in annual savings by reducing customer service calls by 10% with interactive answers to frequent customer questions.*
  • $1 million in annual savings by raising eBilling adoption by adding new value not available in the paper bill, like video messages and anywhere access through the mobile phone.
  • $1.7 million in new annual revenue by selling new services with targeted messages in the biller’s most frequent consumer touch point, the eBill. At a 10% profit margin, this would be almost a $200k bottom-line benefit.

To seize the opportunity, 40% of executive respondents  are exploring new or expanded eBilling systems.

Profitable Growth Arises with New eBills

Click the infographic to enlarge.

How will you use your eBill to grow revenue and reduce costs? 

*Calculations assume a company with 1 million customers. Contact us and we are happy to customize this ROI calculation to your organization. Calculations assume 30% eBill enrollment, 50% of eBill enrollees viewing their eBill each month and 16% improvement in eBilling adoption. Source: ACI Value Model, Crone Consulting LLC, BlueFlame Consulting, Business 2 Community.