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  • Positioning PSPs for Success in 2020

    Positioning PSPs for Success in 2020: Scalability, Flexibility and Globality

    Thursday, February 13, 2020

    We used to say that NFRs (non-functional requirements) such as scalability and availability didn’t really make for attention-grabbing headlines, but in fact, 2019 has shown us that these NFRs are often not far away from the biggest stories. A major outage or downtime – be it for bank or merchant – makes headlines in its own right, but we’re increasingly seeing a clear link between NFRs and a company’s growth trajectory. Those companies that are generating positive awareness from their ambitious global expansion plans, innovative customer experiences, or unique approach to fighting fraud – they are achieving this off the back of technology solutions that deliver world-class non-functional requirements. Scalability, flexibility and globality underpin these growth stories – and this message comes out clearly in speaking with some of our leading payment service providers (PSPs), which are supporting the growth of thousands of merchants around the world.

  • Digital Payments Overlay Services

    Digital Payments Overlay Services: Accelerating Real-Time Payments Growth

    Tuesday, February 04, 2020

    The global real-time payments landscape is transforming every day, as the world moves toward payments that offer a multitude of digital payment overlay services that drive consumer experience and adoption. But what are digital payment overlay services? They are ancillary services that often ride the real-time payments rails, and can be flexible, nimble drivers of innovation. These digital services – piggy-backing on the standard real-time payments rails – not only add value to core payments, but also bring about convenience and ease of use for all participants in the payments ecosystem.

  • What Will 2020 Bring for Payments in Latin America

    What Will 2020 Bring for Payments in Latin America?

    Monday, February 03, 2020

    2019 was yet another year of payments disruption throughout the LATAM region. Thanks in large part to the proliferation of fintechs, Latin American banks and processors have been under immense pressure to modernize their offerings, while also gaining the agility to quickly bring new products to market.

  • Real Time Payments Global State of Play

    Real-Time Payments: Global State of Play, Lessons Learned and How to Make Money

    Thursday, January 30, 2020

    There is a lot of noise around real-time, immediate and instant payments. These interchangeable phrases are generally used to discuss the development and domestic rollout of non-card-based methods of payment that provide real-time notification of payment and fast settlement. So, given all of this ”noise,” where are we on the journey, what have we seen work (and not work) and can we make money from real-time payments?

  • Real Time Payments Trends That Will Shape 2020

    Request for Payment and Other Real-Time Payments Trends That Will Shape 2020

    Wednesday, January 29, 2020

    In 2020, the conversation around real-time payments will increasingly be about what banks can do with real-time, as they move beyond setting up to support real-time payments schemes. New use cases will emerge – but there are a few main trends that are likely to shape the direction of real-time in the year ahead.

  • What the Combination of Speedpay and ACI Capabilities Means for Next Gen Bill Payment

    What the Combination of Speedpay and ACI Capabilities Means for Today's Bill Payments

    Monday, January 20, 2020

    Speedpay joined the ACI Worldwide family in 2019, bringing together two bill payment leaders and creating a union based on industry growth through research and development, the highest quality of customer service and expertise, and ground-breaking innovative technology.

  • Nordics P27 Powers Ahead with Cross Border Payments

    Nordic’s P27 Powers Ahead with Cross-Border Payments

    Tuesday, January 14, 2020

    P27 continues its accelerated journey to cross-border payments in the Nordic region, with an ambitious project scope and timeline. For banks, processors et al, this poses questions of prioritization. Payments players must identify their most pressing business needs, and what can be achieved with their current stack.

  • 2020 Year of Nearly Cashless Payments

    2020: The Year of (Near) Cashless Transactions?

    Thursday, January 09, 2020

    Happy belated New Year and raise your hand if you make and/or follow New Year’s resolutions. I used to and then realized they were exercises in futility. But, over this past holiday, I thought I’d give the resolution game one more shot. This one was more a realistic goal than it was a resolution, but who can really tell the difference anyway!?! I decided to go cashless over the holidays, which can still be somewhat challenging for many in the US (though my friends in other countries are probably ridiculing me right now). I was traveling (to NYC and Florida) and wanted to pack as little as possible (in both my luggage and my wallet). I’m all about loyalty card points these days, hence the 2 back-to-back trips.

  • How India is Tackling the Challenges of Digital Payments Growth

    How India is Tackling the Challenges of Digital Payments Growth

    Monday, December 23, 2019

    India’s massive transformation from a cash-based society to a cashless society is underscored by the rise in fintech adoption and the growth of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) platform, which is now processing more than one billion transactions each month.

  • Three Merchant Payment Trends to Watch in 2020

    Three Merchant Payment Trends to Watch in 2020

    Wednesday, December 18, 2019

    In 2019, merchants everywhere were challenged by pressure from new entrants, the continued breakdown of traditional industry boundaries and growing customer preference for a digitally-led or digitally-influenced purchasing experience.