Healthcare Providers

Modern Patient Financial Engagement

Exceed patient expectations through more accurate billing estimates, simplified billing, virtual financial counseling, personalized payment plans and more

Manage the Complete Healthcare Ecosystem

Proactively engage patients from start to finish to enable more accurate price estimates, reduce operational costs and raise collection up to 27%. When patients know what to expect, they are happier and more likely to pay.

Integrate claims, statements, premiums and patient payments across payer, provider and consumer channels

Accelerate cash flow and increase collections using predictive analytics and machine learning

Provide the any-to-any payment options your patients prefer

Set new goals and identify diminishing returns with clear stats and reporting insights


A woman pays wirelessly with her chip card while a cashier holds out the card reader so she can finish her transaction.

Reduce Costs

Automate billing and provide virtual patient financial counseling

Lower Overhead

Consolidate systems into a single communications and payment platform

Enhance Engagement

Set appointment reminders and provide more accurate price estimates

Raise Patient Satisfaction With Alternative Payment Methods

Provide your patients with a fast, simple and secure way to pay their bills online through their favorite new ways to pay.

Offer greater choice and flexibility for payments with alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal and Venmo*

Drive satisfaction by making it easy for patients to pay their bills the same way they shop online

Create stickiness with convenient and popular alternative payments your patients increasingly expect

Integrate new payment options seamlessly to quickly offer innovative, secure and trusted payment options

A woman is browsing on a tablet.

Increase Patient Connection With Clear Communications

Healthcare providers must work to engage patients from pre-service to post-service with better messaging tactics, simplified billing and preferred payment methods. Make smarter use of patient data to proactively address and overcome communication breakdowns.

  • Reduce costs with virtual patient financial consulting and automated billing and payment options
  • Provide personalized payment plans and easy to understand bills to collect more
  • Keep the collection process moving with intelligent reminders

Keep Patient Data Safe

Protect your business, patient card data and your reputation with PCI-compliant P2PE validation to cut high PCI compliance costs.

  • Ease the burden of compliance with encrypted HIPAA data and transactions
  • Customize employee access levels to pinpoint inappropriate activity
  • Shield your practice from vulnerabilities by featuring the same security measures trusted by 21 of the top 25 banks
  • Defend data during on-the-spot credit and debit card payments
A person hands over their insurance card to a healthcare professional.

Working with ACI

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ACI Worldwide offers a host of services to ensure you get the most from your solution. Our dedicated, expert teams are designed to help speed your implementation, get you the latest product news and updates, and provide 24×7 technical support.

Peace of Mind

Gain fast, reliable answers based upon deep knowledge of your solution


Choose the right level of support for your organization’s needs

Comprehensive Support

Benefit from an always-on help desk and proactive account team

Peer Learning

Collaborate, network and share ideas with fellow customers and ACI advisors with ACI’s user group program

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