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Collect Up to 27% More with New Approaches

Collect More

With new intelligent approaches, healthcare providers can deliver the right message, at the right time, in exactly the right way — raising collections up to 27%1. Healthcare providers exceed patient expectations through more accurate billing estimates, simplified billing, virtual financial counseling, personalized payment plans and more.

Reduce Costs

Take advantage of electronic billing and messaging to increase collections and reduce costs. As we speak, 60% of healthcare providers offer or are developing automated personalized communications to collect. This positively impacts the entire patient experience, from appointment reminders to intake forms and payments.

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Improve Your Entire Patient Financial Experience

ACI Patient Financial Engagement software allows you to collect more for less. This solution helps healthcare providers take advantage of the entire patient financial experience, using actionable patient data to determine the best channels, tone and offers to raise collections.

Healthcare providers can offer a 360-degree patient experience in multiple channels, including text, email, mobile browser, web, eVoice and live calling communications.

Right Time, Right Payment Options

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Three of the Top Five U.S. Healthcare Companies Are Powered by ACI  

ACI powers electronic payments for more than 5,100 organizations around the world executing $14 trillion each day in payments and securities. You can benefit from best practices ACI learned in serving premier clients in other industries like Mastercard, Domino’s and Wendy’s.

  1. ACI Speedpay – a billing and payments solution to collect more for hospital systems and physician networks.
  2. Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Services – delivers one solution for every billing and payments need across all payment channels.
  3. ACI Virtual Collection Agent – reduce the cost of patient financial counseling with an intelligent website that emulates the interactions of your best patient financial counselors.
  4. ACI Mobile Browser Bill Pay – offer a full mobile payments experience from notification to eBilling to payment. 

Lower Costs by 15%

ACI clients save an average of 15% on payment processing due to ACI’s expertise and HIPAA and PCI-compliant operations. A new lower-cost way to pay is launching in the U.S., a real-time payments network. This is the first new payments network to launch in the past 40 years. What are you doing to prepare?


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Success Speaks

UC San Diego Health transforms bill payments to improve patient satisfaction

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Patients Want Modern Options

What would make patients pay in full: bill estimates, easy-to-read bills or payment plans? Download the latest consumer survey report to find out.

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