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System Monitoring and Management

Availability of payment and fraud systems are critical to every line of business within financial institutions and retailers. Outages of such applications can often occur due to factors other than infrastructure failure, and breaching service-level-agreements with partners, networks and customers can lead to loss of revenue and reputation.


Real-Time Visibility

Lack of real-time visibility into cardholder behavior, transaction profitability, risk mitigation and technological investments can cause large investment and operational losses, customer service interruptions and missed market opportunities.

Payment Service Management closely aligns the IT services of payments with the payments line of business, helping both business and operations personnel understand how the financial institutions’ payments business is performing at every level. This simultaneously reduces IT costs, improves quality of service, manages risk and provides transparency for monitoring system infrastructure health.

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Introducing Prognosis 10

Real-time business insight taken to a new level!

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Managing Payment Environments

Payments monitoring, testing and infrastructure management are an important part of the ACI Universal Payments strategy.

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Solution Options

Select the products that work best for you.

  1. Payment Service Management: An integrated suite of products that provides in-depth monitoring and analysis of your payment transactions, applications and infrastructure.
  2. Prognosis for BASE24 and UP BASE24-eps: Through in-depth monitoring and analysis of transactions, applications and infrastructure, Payment Service Management’s Prognosis for BASE24 and BASE24-eps modules enable you to proactively ensure your payment systems are performing efficiently and effectively across your entire business.
  3. Prognosis for ACI Money Transfer System: Merging together productivity, performance and operations, the Prognosis for ACI Money Transfer System module can be added to Payment Service Management for Prognosis to provide unprecedented insight into Money Transfer System.
  4. Prognosis for Postilion: Through interactive dashboards and metrics, Payment Service Management’s Prognosis for Postilion module provides a comprehensive view of your payments environment, including TPS, trends per region and card type, value of approved/declined transactions per codes and more.